Volkswagen Reveals Golf Facelift With Glowing Badge

The Future: 2024.

Gone is the era when the Golf was perpetually topping the European sales charts at the close of each annum. Nowadays, market research firm Dataforce have positioned Volkswagen’s diminutive motor car in 7th place through November this year. Despite this fracture in the status quo, the vehicle proves to still be a favorite choice among purchasers – this being evidenced by the 166,304 units sold on the continent within the initial eleven months of 2023. Come 2024, there will come into employ a mid-cycle overhaul of the model.

In an official video documenting VW’s activities this year, CEO Thomas Schäfer reflected upon some of their key product introductions. The company unveiled a new suite of vehicles, comprising the advanced Tiguan and Passat, as well as the ID.7 and modified ID.3. At the end, the head of the firm declared that the revamp of the Golf would be dropping in the next three years.

VW Highlights 2023

We’re getting a glimpse of the non-U.S. version of the Golf wagon here, as evidenced by its roof rails. It appears to have the new headlights that have been seen on the prototypes spotted in recent months while undergoing testing. The “unibrow” LED light bar is still present, and it has a lit up VW badge in the middle. This feature was also present on the Touareg facelift that was released earlier this year in Europe; however, on that model, the backlit badge was located at the rear.

It appears the Mk8 Golf already faces its fate prior to the focus of attention being directed towards the anticipated release of the Mk8.5 in 2021’s commencement. VW has publicly declared an exclusive line of electric models known as the Mk9 in 2028 will be developed and crafted from SSP platform, leaving nothing but a small window for the iconic gas/diesel combination if concurrent progress persists. It is all too obvious that Volkswagen’s conventional ICE-powered models will be booted out long before the year 2033 due to Europe’s new electrically based preference.

It appears highly improbable that the launch of the Mk8.5 Golf will return the car to lead spot among sales rankings. This year, the spotted test vehicles indicated a subtle alteration to a much-criticised outward design. Inside the cabin, awesomely large touchscreen displays, akin to the Tiguan, Passat and ID.7s, are being implemented – likely because it is the current on-trend look.

Rumours suggesting that the GTI would only have a DSG gearbox have been debunked, and it is likely to remain available with a manual transmission. Additionally, more power may be coming to the plucky hatchback – plus the range-topping R variant being offered in certain countries could also take the form of a more useful estate car.

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