Volkswagen Unveiling High-Performance ID.Buzz GTX on March 21: What to Expect

GTX-labeled electric van spied at Nürburgring during testing last year.

Volkswagen disclosed on Friday its intentions to introduce a fresh, high-performance automobile at its yearly press briefing on March 21. Along with the statement, the corporation shared a sneak peek of the vehicle’s headlights on LinkedIn, hinting that it may be an enhanced variation of the ID.Buzz electric van. This indicates that we can expect the unveiling of VW’s exciting new model in less than a month.

Scheduled for manufacture in early 2023, the ID.Buzz GTX will join Volkswagen’s expanding lineup of electric vehicles that includes the sporty ID.3 GTX and the ID.7 GTX Tourer. These high-performance, emission-free options demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation.

Volkswagen has yet to disclose any specific information about the ID.Buzz GTX, but it has been confirmed that it will have a robust power of 335 horsepower with a two-motor AWD setup, following the performance of the ID.7 GTX. In addition, we anticipate further enhancements such as a firmer suspension, improved brakes, larger wheels, and a more dynamic interior.

For several months, the ID.Buzz GTX has caught our attention. Last summer, our undercover photographers captured an all-white prototype of this car on the road. Shortly after that, it was seen testing at the Nürburgring during an industry test session. Therefore, it is logical that the unveiling is happening now.

At present, it is uncertain if Volkswagen intends to introduce the high-performance version of the ID.Buzz in the United States. The GTX variations of both the ID.3 and ID.7 tourer are not scheduled for release in the US, while the standard ID.Buzz has not yet been made available for purchase in the country. Additionally, the electric GTI from Volkswagen has not been approved for sale in the US. As the demand for electric cars seems to be decreasing, a speedy EV van may be considered a very niche product that may not generate the expected demand from consumers. Nevertheless, we would be excited to experience it firsthand.

Source: Linkedin via CarBuzz

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