Volkswagen Unveils ID.7 GTX Tourer: More Power Than Golf R

The speedy and stylish ID.7: any downsides?

Following the unveiling of the ID.7 Tourer one month ago, Volkswagen is now showcasing the ID.7 GTX, a high-performance electric station wagon with 335 horsepower and all-wheel drive. This upgraded version offers increased power and enhanced driving capabilities.

The ID.7 GTX, unlike its traditional rear-wheel-drive counterpart, boasts two electric motors on both the front and rear axles. With a combined power output of 335 horsepower, this electric wagon surpasses the Golf R in potency. While the performance numbers have not been disclosed by the Wolfsburg-based manufacturer, we anticipate impressive acceleration.

According to the manufacturer, the rear axle of this vehicle is equipped with a highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor, which provides the driver with maximum power as soon as the vehicle is turned on. In situations where extra power is needed, the asynchronous front motor kicks in and seamlessly delivers the necessary boost within milliseconds. Moreover, when not in operation, the motor stays in a “standby mode” and consumes minimal energy, making it ideal for preserving the vehicle’s range and minimizing tire wear.

The power is split among the front and back axles, controlled by an enhanced all-wheel drive system and electronic differential locks. According to Volkswagen, this upgrade enhances the performance and stability of the ID.7 Tourer, resulting in a more enjoyable driving experience. For those wanting to fully utilize the GTX’s improved handling capabilities, ESC Sport mode enables you to push the limits while still having the safety of the stability control. Additionally, adaptive chassis control can be added as an optional feature.

The ID.7 GTX boasts a significantly larger battery than its regular counterpart, providing an impressive 86 kWh capacity. This bigger pack is made up of 13 battery modules, one more than the standard version’s 77 kWh battery with 12 modules. While Volkswagen has not specified the exact range of the ID.7 GTX, we can hope that it is comparable to the impressive 426-mile WLTP range of the ID.7 Tourer.

If connected to a DC charging port, the battery has the ability to recharge between 10-80% in under half an hour (with a charging rate of 200 kW).

The ID.7 GTX boasts a noticeably more athletic appearance compared to its standard counterpart, featuring a front bumper that is more defined and daytime running lights exclusive to the model. The honeycomb air intake grille adds just the right touch of fierceness to the front design. Furthermore, an illuminated VW logo gives the wagon an extra boost of presence in low light conditions.

Traversing the length of the car, we can observe a set of 20-inch Skagen wheels, exclusively designed for the GTX model. They come with a diamond-cit finish as standard, but can also be customized with a glossy black coating. Although larger 21-inch wheels are available as an option, they may negatively affect both the driving range and the smoothness of the ride.

Positioned towards the rear, the GTX distinguishes itself from its lower ID.7 counterparts through the inclusion of a diffuser and a honeycomb grille, which are accentuated by a reflective strip. The 3D LED taillights can be customized to emit a stylish VW emblem, while the rest of the trim boasts a sleek gloss black finish.

The ID.7 GTX now offers Kings Red Metallic, which was inspired by the Golf GTI. Along with this color, buyers can also choose from Glacier White Metallic, Scale Silver Metallic, Grenadilla Black Metallic, and Moonstone Grey.

The inside is enhanced with a variety of GTX-specific details, including strongly supportive seats designed for high-speed maneuvering. Adorned in a blend of textile fabric, ArtVeloursEco microfleece, and leatherette, these seats boast striking red stitching and the bold GTX emblem. This crimson motif is carried on with crimson piping adorning the sides of the seats.

Customers have the option to upgrade to ergoActive front seats that come equipped with a 12-way power adjustment, adjustable thigh support, a memory feature, and convenience entry. For added luxury, the seats also come with a massage function and heating/ventilation capabilities. These seats, designed for ultimate comfort, are included in the Interior Plus Package, which also includes rear seat heating and a Harmon Kardon sound system.

As anticipated, the ID.7 boasts a comprehensive range of technological and premium attributes. Included in its standard features are convenient Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a two-zone climate control system, and an enhanced augmented reality head-up display. Additionally, Volkswagen has integrated its highly advanced IDA voice assistant along with ChatGPT, which guarantees innovative capabilities and improved performance.

Regarding safety, the ID.7 GTX Tourer will come equipped with several driving aids, such as road sign assistance and automatic emergency braking. Exploring the different options available reveals a plethora of additional features. These include Park Assist Plus with a memory function, enabling the car to park automatically.

According to recent updates, the Connected Travel Assist package has undergone enhancements, specifically in its adaptive cruise control, emergency assist, and lane assist features. These improvements have resulted in a “more human-like response characteristics” for the package. Additionally, the package now includes a Car2X traffic hazard alert feature that alerts the driver of potential obstacles on the road, such as roadworks, accidents, or emergency vehicles.

Volkswagen has announced that pre-sales for the ID.7 GTX will begin in the spring, but unfortunately, it is unlikely that the high-performance wagon will make its way to American markets. This is due to the fact that the standard model will not be available for purchase in the US. However, American consumers can still look forward to the release of the ID.7 sedan, which was teased last year, and the highly anticipated ID. Buzz GTX at local dealerships.

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