Volkswagen up! Production Ending: Report

Production of the Up! Car Ends After 12 Years.

An amended version of the original account issued by Autocar has stated that manufacturing has concluded in the United Kingdom. It is hazy whether the up! has been called off across all of Europe. Should we receive further word from Volkswagen, we shall amend the article again.

Following the conclusion of the Skoda Citigo for 2020 and SEAT Mii the year after, Volkswagen Group’s trio of city cars have been wholly discontinued. This has been officially confirmed by Autocar’s recent report that confirms the exiting of the tiddler hatchback from its production facility in Bratislava. Consequently this implies a termination of the automotive magnate’s ‘New Small Family’ (NSF) vehicles within the European market.

For a dozen years, the Volkswagen up! has taken Fox’s place as one of VW’s oldest cars on the market. This news of the model’s discontinuation follows the previously concluded production of the GTI hot hatch version last year. Additionally, all three NSF models were obtainable as electric vehicles, yet no immediate alternatives exist. However, the German automobile giant has guaranteed a wave of affordable EVs in the next few years.

The flagship mark is predicted to release an ID.1, portraying a diminutive and cost-efficient option compared to the ID.2 that was foreseen at the outset of the year with a sketch, from which a GTI edition has now coalesced. This ID.1 is intended to be for all intents and purposes electric powered just as VW is discarding ICE cars in Europe’s most minute group. The business has already proclaimed B-segment cars with ICE are vulnerable due to the Euro 7 rules, though that had been prior to those parameters were substantially changed.

Just as the SEAT Ibiza and Skoda Fabia assumed the position of entry-level vehicles for the companies when the Volkswagen Citigo and Skoda Mii were no longer produced, the VW Polo is currently the most economical Volkswagen accessible on the European market. The termination of the up! symbolizes the conclusion of a period for the strategic alliance taking into account that there will not be an A-category car with an internal combustion engine creditors of the EV development.

The factory in Slovakia currently assembling the up! is getting ready to assemble further models. In 2024, the Volkswagen Passat will be produced exclusively in a wagon option at this plant. Additionally, the upcoming Skoda Superb vehicle will also be manufactured there in both hatchback and estate styles.

Beginning in the year 2033, Volkswagen has vowed to exclusively construct electric vehicles within Europe.

Source: Autocar

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