Volkswagen’s Cupra Makes Its Entrance to the US Market

From Skoda to Cupra: Our Unexpected Switch

The yearly media briefing of SEAT took place today, and while some may think it has no significance for the United States, it is actually quite important. It was announced that Cupra, a brand that branched off from SEAT in 2018, has plans to make its way into the North American market by the close of the decade. Initially, we were anticipating the arrival of Skoda, another Volkswagen Group brand not currently available in America, but instead, we will be seeing Cupra.

The intention is to unveil a completely electric iteration of the Formentor, possibly built upon the upcoming generation. As the present crossover model approaches its fourth year, it would be significantly outdated by 2030. According to SEAT, an updated version of the current model will be unveiled in the following weeks for the European market. Our prediction is that the US market will receive the next-generation Formentor, as the current model lacks an option for battery-powered operation.

According to SEAT, an upcoming electric SUV will soon be available in North America, with production taking place in Mexico. The vehicle, which has yet to be named, will be sold in select states on both the east and west coasts, as well as in the Sun Belt region. SEAT and Cupra CEO Wayne Griffiths has revealed that these cars will be distributed through a “new distribution model,” although further information has not been disclosed.

At present, SEAT’s schedule is packed with plans. The Leon compact hatchback/wagon is set to undergo a refresh in the upcoming months, while the Ibiza supermini and Arona subcompact crossover are also due for another facelift in 2025. Despite already being on the market since 2016, the Ateca compact crossover will continue to receive updates and remain in production.

In regards to Cupra, they will introduce the Tavascan in 2024, a fully electric vehicle with mechanical similarities to the VW ID.5. This year will also bring the arrival of the hybrid Terramar, a sibling of Audi’s upcoming Q3 generation. The Terramar will come equipped with a plug-in hybrid engine and will be produced at Audi’s Györ factory in Hungary, alongside the Q3.

In the upcoming year, the Raval is set to be the flagship entry-level option for the brand as Cupra’s version of the VW ID.2, a compact electric city hatchback.

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