Volvo 242 Modified With BMW M3

Huge Sale: Very Reasonable Prices!

Autoparken AB, a distinguished Swedish car dealer, is offering an amazing 1975 Volvo 242 coupe transformed with a S65 V8 engine conversion from a BMW M3. Visually, it appears to be stunning, and the price being asked for it is $31,205 (28,500 Euros).

Manufactured by Soren Nordin of S Technic AB, a Swedish automotive engineer, the M3-swapped Volvo features a normally aspirated SB65B40 engine capable of generating up to 420 horsepower. Over its lifespan, the Volvo 200-series has had countless motor options, nevertheless, the recently-released BMW M3 V8 is substantially more powerful than the B27E V6 producing 140 horsepower – the most powerful engine ever released for the 260 version.

Optimising take-off for this voyage is realized through the installation of a Torsen differential. For a more aggressive low-level posture, Ohlins adjustable coilovers and a fully customised multi-link rear suspension have also been mounted.

The V8 engine is affixed with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission system. This Euro car is also equipped with notable components, such as a Haltech ECU, Sparco seats, a RRS steering wheel, brakes from a Porsche 930, Brembo caliper units, and an aluminium fuel reservoir.

This aggressive-looking machine has a fully black paint scheme, supplemented by a set of Japan Racing 18×10-inch wheels. Although the frontend may appear standard, it’s an entirely different affair when viewed from the side or back.

Altogether, the vehicle arouses interest among enthusiast car-lovers who are in search of a distinctively European automobile. Furthermore, it can finally fulfill the craving for the traditional Volvo that more mainstream vehicles like the S90 or the S60 have yet to satisfy.

The cost is the proverbial cherry on top. However, keep in mind that this car is located in Sweden, so any US purchasers will likely require sizable funds for delivery and transport expenses. Certainly, this car meets the 25-year standard for importing into the United States.

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