Volvo P1800: Needs TLC, but Great Promise.

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The Volvo P1800 is renowned across Europe as one of the most fashionable coupes from the 1960s and 1970s, among a variety of other designs from Germany and Italy. When it was initially revealed in 1961, it boosted sales for more than a decade until 1973 – an extended period when compared to contemporary times. Despite this lengthy lifespan, only about 39,000 examples of its coupe version were ever manufactured. Very few are on the streets now still running, making an abandoned P1800 that has been recovered nowadays an astonishing find.

This video was the driving force behind us sharing it with all of our fellow readers. At first, you might not think much of this typical barn find footage from auto-lovers; but feel free to scroll to around the nine-minute mark for a surprise P1800 unveiling. We have no idea about the exact place in the UK where it was recorded, but that doesn’t really matter.

The automobile in questions appears to be derived from an old incarnation of the P1800, yet we can not seem to catch a full glimpse of its condition. Unfortunately, it is not kept in particularly superior condition. Nonetheless, it appears that there aren’t any essential pieces absent. Naturally, we do not know what lies beneath the hood, yet the tires and a few other external components are visible within the interior.

The immense admiration that the P1800 enjoys among vehicle buffs likely derives from its Guinness book of records credit as possessing the greatest confirmed mileage driven by one owner in non-commercial use. Although this might seem to lean towards specificity, the reality was that Irv Gordon, the man from East Patchogue, New York, who tragically passed away in November 1918 had clocked up a whopping 3.2 million miles in his 1966 Volvo P1800.

Lastly, if you’d rather take possession and command of a P1800 as opposed to bringing to life one that has been forsaken, then Cyan Racing has the answer for you. This company markets its renovated edition of the coupé in the United States, commencing at a price of approximate $700,000. The outside of Cyan Racing’s P1800 posesses the same classic style, blended with cutting-edge technology all the way through.

Source: Ste G on YouTube

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