Cyan GT Restomod: Volvo P1800 Gains 414 HP and Stops Hearts

The Stunning Volvo P1800: A Labor of Love in Under 15 Months

In recent years, Cyan Racing, a well-known motorsport team from Sweden, expanded their focus to include street-legal vehicles. They made their debut with a customized version of the Volvo P1800 and have since released their second model, which pays tribute to the sleek 1960s coupe while also adding its own touch of grand touring flair. Refurbishing an authentic P1800 is the first step in the process, and it typically takes between 12 to 15 months for each project to be finished.

Cyan Racing has recently delivered a striking green model with a luxurious cream interior to a lucky customer in the US. This updated version of the P1800 revamp stands out from the original 2020 release thanks to its improved and more flexible suspension, providing enhanced comfort for extended trips. The interior has also been upgraded with added soundproofing and a custom-made titanium roll cage. But despite these upgrades, the car maintains its lightweight status, weighing in at under 2,204 pounds.

The core of the P1800 GT remains the turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which packs a punch with a maximum output of 414 horsepower. However, there are also lower variants available, starting at 345 horsepower. This four-cylinder motor is based on the Volvo S60 TC1 race car and power is transmitted to the rear axle via a specially designed five-speed Holinger transmission. The manufacturer claims that the engine has been re-calibrated to focus on drivability rather than outright power.

The attractive frame of this vehicle is constructed using carbon fiber, with the manufacturing process being carried out by Cyan Racing at their plant in Gothenburg, Sweden. While specifics regarding price have not yet been revealed, it’s worth noting that the standard P1800 can fetch up to $700,000, meaning the GT version will likely also come with a hefty price tag. In order to maintain exclusivity, production will be kept to a limited number, with one car having already been shipped to the United States.

Source: Cyan Racing

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