Volvo: World’s Most Luxurious Minivan, EM90

Electric Minivan: Promise for the Future?

Volvo has finally unveiled the EM90, their debut electric minivan. This premium multi-person transport is a bold move for the company and points to their long-term strategy; nevertheless, not all regions will have it available. Unfortunately, Volvo does not plan on making the EM90 available in the US, so those interested in having an electrified three-row Volvo must make do with the upcoming EX90 SUV.

Drawing from Geely’s Scalable Experience Architecture, the EM90 features shared underpinnings to that of the Zeekr 009, as well as a comparable design. However, the Zeekr commands a dual-motor arrangement, which pledges astonishing horsepower – the Volvo, on the other hand, is somewhat more restrained.

Volvo EM90 – The Grand Opening

The EM90 is furnished with a sizeable 116 kWh Li-NMC battery which powers its single 268 horsepower electric engine. As opposed to the Zeekr 009’s two-motor powertrain, this provides a significantly quicker 0-62 mph sprint time of 8.3 seconds.

The EM90 can traverse a measured distance of 459 miles on just one power cycle, established by the CLTC assessment regimen employed for the Chinese marketplace, where it will be initially debuted. The batter can be filled up from 10% to 80% in less than half an hour and equipped with two-way electricity transforming capabilities. Like on the novel EX90, users can draw on the EM90 to power gadgets or other electric vehicles. Vehicle-to-grid technology will only be usable in specific locales.

The EM90 is immediately distinguishable as a Volvo because of its unique front-end styling that incorporates the iconic Thor’s Hammer headlights, now in a pixelated design. No traditional grille is present; instead, an illuminated fascia has been implemented with the Volvo logo and its signature diagonal cross-bar, all glowing according to the typical look of EVs. This marks the first time the Volvo Iron Mark insignia is Illuminated and installed in the front panel of a Volvo vehicle.

The rear consists of darkened taillight clusters that sit nicely with the jet-black D pillars. The company’s vertical taillights, a signature feature of utilitarian Volvos, are modernized and now extend inwards. Luminous Volvo lettering inhabits the space between the light clusters instead of the recognizable logo.

With regard to minor alterations on the exterior, the EM90 is almost indistinguishable from the Zeekr 009; side views of both cars display especially striking similarities.

The EM90 will be presented with 19 or 20 inch aero rims, and will only be provided in four hues that have yet to be disclosed.

The interior of the EM90 is a big draw, rightly so. Deliberately designed with the utmost comfort and packed with opportunities for technical advancement, it’s an amazing space to be in. For those seated in the front seats, passengers are shown a 15.4-inch infotainment display accompanied by a voice assistant and an avatar from Volvo.

Rear passengers will not be disregarded. An extensive 15.6-inch high-definition display drops from the ceiling when necessary and can be coupled with a camera for video conversations. The screen even allows for multiple third-party apps and mobile-screen projections to be used. As with the EX90, the EM90 guarantees the finest digital experience due to the Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms.

The overhead monitor plus the infotainment system at the front are simply a couple of the multiple screens found within the cabin. Volvo has employed intuitive surfaces, carefully combining controls into plush fabrics. As an example, rear seat occupants can manage the massage, warming, and air conditioning through wonderful wood accents with capability to touch.

For ultimate indulgence, the full-length panoramic sunroof and extremely cozy lounge chairs in the middle row provide occupants with maximum ease. Additionally, two individual seats in the back portion guarantee utmost convenience for passengers there.

Thanks to the electric drivetrain, the EM90 has been created with an emphasis on quietness. However, Volvo went even further by including plenty of noise insulation as well as their luxurious two-chamber air suspension. As part of an upcoming software update, owners will have access to their active road noise cancellation system that takes full advantage of the powerful Bowers & Wilkins sound system boasting 2,460 watts.

As expected, Volvo comes through with an extensive selection of driver assistance measures. The impressive assortment is comprised of external and internal sensors, high-definition cameras, millimetre wave radar, ultrasonic radars feeding into the computer systems – this will help to prevent collisions, as well as offer a semi-autonomous feature, allowing the motorist some reprieve whilst on the wheel.

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