Volvo EM90 Minivan: A Roof-Folded Screen of Wonders

Video Conferencing – Work and Play!

The EM90 from Volvo is the pioneer of the minivan movement – but it isn’t just meant for carrying passengers on the morning commute. Featuring dual-chamber air suspension, counteractive road noise, and lavish seating, this EV eclipses the typical grocery-mobile in regards to sophistication. Seemingly catering to an affluent Chinese market, models such as the Buick GL8 and Lexus LM have gained traction over recent times.

The luxurious 6-person vehicle can even transform into a rolling office with its built-in large display, which can be deployed from the ceiling. The backseat riders have the many amenities at their disposal with armrests equipped with trays that recline. Those who wish to join video chats or project visuals while in transit can make use of the 15.6″ monitor.

When the day’s work is done, you can turn your screen into an entertainment center, complete with a high-end Bowers & Wilkins sound system that boasts a whopping 21 speakers. As they say, it’s like having “your own private concert hall on the move.” What’s more, the screen can be used to access a range of third-party apps and streaming services, giving you access to audio and video content. Plus, you can switch between ‘Meeting’ and ‘Rest’ modes, both of which come with their own set of settings, so you can decide exactly what you want to do next.

One can also gain access to the climate settings, or inspect the navigation map, via the display mounted on the ceiling. Rather than having to look upwards, the temperature may be altered through the small screens placed into the door cards, and touch controls are available there for the windows and sun shades. With regard to the second-row passengers, they have seat adjustment controls which can be quickly reached beneath the slidable armrests, as an alternative to having to search through submenus.

The Volvo EM90 effectively functions as a luxury limousine in a van structure, delivering the outstanding legroom that Chinese shoppers desire. We would not be taken aback if a more luxurious four-seater iteration soon follows, seeing as its sibling model, the Zeekr 009, boasts a lavishly designed two-row variant.

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