VW Contemplates Making Competitor to Toyota 4Runner

Amarok pickup: A versatile SUV option.

The chief designer at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Albert Kirzinger, recently shared an image on LinkedIn depicting a potential SUV version of the popular Amarok pickup truck. This alternative design could have been a reality, as the 2022 Amarok is built on the same platform as the Ford Ranger, which also serves as the foundation for the Everest SUV. Given this fact, it comes as no surprise that Volkswagen entertained the idea of expanding their SUV lineup to include an Amarok-based model, potentially competing with the well-established Toyota 4Runner.

The article states that the render in question was only mentioned as being a part of the research stage. When questioned about the possibility of it being a potential alternative to Everest in the future, Kirzinger’s response was brief and to the point: “Sorry – but no further hint.”

Unfortunately, Volkswagen currently lacks offerings with comparable design and does not have any off-road-oriented models available for purchase in the United States. This undoubtedly presents a missed opportunity for the German car manufacturer. However, it should be noted that Volkswagen plans to revive the Scout brand in the near future, and any models offered in the US will likely have a stronger off-road focus compared to their current VW counterparts. It is important to mention, though, that Scout will exclusively offer electric vehicles. If there is a decline in the popularity of EVs in the upcoming years, it wouldn’t be surprising for Wolfsburg to introduce an SUV based on the Everest platform. While it may seem unlikely, it is still a possibility.

Despite its appeal, adding an Amarok SUV to Volkswagen’s lineup would have complicated the brand’s range. Given the automaker’s limited experience with off-roading, it’s possible that the financial team deemed this venture too precarious. After all, for the past 75 years, Volkswagen has never pursued a rugged image.

Although a brand new SUV may not be on the horizon, we can expect to witness the release of the revamped Volkswagen Golf and its popular version, the Golf GTI, later on today. These models boast enhanced interiors with more user-friendly controls and an overall upgrade in ergonomics. By 2026, even these vehicles will run solely on electricity, which could potentially lead to the resurrection of discussions surrounding the Amarok SUV.

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