Volkswagen Reveals Canceled Truck-Based SUV Prototype

VW’s Take on the Ford Everest: A Preview in Under 20 Words

Following the separation from Volkswagen, the latest iteration of the Amarok pickup has undergone significant changes and now shares its platform with the Ford Ranger. In addition, the Blue Oval brand offers a similar but different SUV model known as the Everest, while Volkswagen lacks such a vehicle in its lineup. Interestingly, during the design process of the new truck, the team did consider the concept of a truck-based SUV bearing the iconic Amarok name.

Albert Kirzinger, Design Chief at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, recently shared on LinkedIn a formal design drawing of an Amarok SUV. This potential vehicle would have served as a precursor to the revived Scout lineup of durable pickup trucks and SUVs slated for release in 2026. It is likely that this concept would have been more affordable by utilizing traditional combustion engines, whereas the upcoming Scout models will be entirely electric.

Ford has chosen not to offer the Everest model for sale in the United States, as it would directly compete with their own Bronco. On the other hand, Volkswagen would not face such a conflict with their truck-based SUV, the Atlas, due to its unibody construction that is designed for primarily on-road use. However, any hope for a potential Amarok SUV from Volkswagen has been dashed, as it was officially eliminated from consideration by the company’s marketing board member, Lars Krause, back in July 2022. Despite this, reports surfaced later that year of an Everest prototype being tested on American roads. Unfortunately, there have been no updates or developments regarding this matter since then.

Americans have a strong thirst for these rugged, all-terrain SUVs and it appears that an Amarok with a covered truck bed would be a logical choice. However, it’s safe to assume that Ford is not keen on Volkswagen stealing sales from the Bronco. With the Everest ruled out for the American market, there is a low probability of an Amarok SUV making its way stateside. Rather, VW plans to focus on their new Scout models aimed at nature enthusiasts seeking an environmentally friendly excursion.

Despite being manufactured at the Silverton factory in Pretoria, South Africa by Ford, the first iteration of the Amarok, which is built on Volkswagen’s platform, continues to be produced in Pacheco, Argentina to cater to the needs of the South American market. In fact, it is set to receive an update later this year, indicating that Volkswagen has no plans of halting production of the truck anytime soon.

Source: Albert Kirzinger / LinkedIn

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