VW Golf Country Returns with Delta4x4

25 Sign-Ups Needed to Make Idea a Reality

Delta4x4 has proclaimed the introduction of an exciting new concept that they anticipate will get into manufacturing, a hard-wearing edition of the Volkswagen Golf R.

For those who have adored the Volkswagen marque for decades, the Mk 2 Golf Country may be familiar in your memory. This particular factory-created off-roader was built on the platform of a basic hatchback for its second version. It appears similar treatments can be applied to the recently introduced 8th generation GTI by elevating the suspension and adding roof racks plus extra lighting.

Perhaps only an idea for the time being, if there is enough interest, Delta4x4 would like to make 25 of these. With small amounts, the pricing will go up, and they are currently estimating the package to cost €35,000 (over $38,200). Wow, that’s expensive.

What would you receive for your monetary investment? Initially, you’ll be faced with a rather lengthy waiting list. If production begins, constructing the entire package should take somewhere between six and nine months. This includes the suspension lift of 80 millimeters/3.15 inches. Perhaps you haven’t noticed yet, but the fenders are significantly wider than original capacity (front and rear), creating a wider track and more margin for wheeling navigations. All-terrain tires – possibly even beadlock capable – encase the wheels and the roof rack presents amenities such as fuel tanks, sandboards, a spare tire, a shovel and water cans.

At long last, new lighting features have been added to both the hood and the roof shelf, freshly adorned badges can be found at both the front and rear, and inexplicably a vivid red stripe adorns the epidermis of the faceplate – almost identical to that of the famous Golf GTI. It can only be assumed that the tuner has installed some armour beneath for increased protection as well as some additional touches within the car’s confines. But will it really make a difference?

We cheer on the thought of a cost-effective 911 Dakar or contemporary Golf Country, yet we expect the tuner to figure out how to make the Haldex system viable for off-road utilization. Just having all four wheels operated does not mean that the car will be adept outdoors.

In spite of this, Delta4x4 have demonstrated their willingness to innovate in the past seeing as how they remodeled a Tesla into a rugged trail toy. Therefore, we can confidently assume that further investigation will be rewarded.

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