VW Jetta & Chinese Sagitar Spy Test Europe

VW’s EV Transition Not Complete

This mysterious vehicle is definitely a Volkswagen, but it’s unclear whether it’s the Jetta for the United States or the Sagitar for China. Currently under development in the Austrian Alps, the sedan has a “Bremsprobe” label on the back, indicating it is undergoing brake testing.

The model bears a resemblance to the present Jetta and Sagitar. It has pointed characteristics on the inner aspect of the headlights. At the bottom, there is a trapezium-shaped lower fascia with gleaming, metal elements in the grille. And, small air intakes are positioned on the edges.

The side view is similar to that of the Jetta and Sagitar models. Its large windows combined with the graceful shape of the rear roofline gives it a smooth look. Further enhancing its appearance are its 10 undulating spokes wheels with each hub having sensors attached.

Only through the windows can we catch a glimpse of the cabin. No clear sight of the instruments or infotainment screen is afforded us.

Visibly beneath the driver’s side is a muffler, implying that this vehicle has been equipped with a combustion motor. It appears logical to assume that beneath the hood is a four-cylinder engine.

The Jetta is nearing its replacement soon. The most recent incarnation was launched in 2019, receiving a revamp for the 2022 edition.

Spy shots have emerged, providing speculation that Volkswagen is readying the ID. Aero EV as a replacement. VW’s design team seems to have shrouded the electric car in a disguise resembling a Jetta.

This electric vehicle is apparently going to be released in the latter portion of 2023, with China getting availability first. It’s asserted to have a WLTP Cycle range of 385 miles. We don’t anticipate that the ready-for-market model will bear the ID Aero moniker; however, its actual label is still undetermined.

By 2022, VW provided a full 38,260 Jettas in the United States, indicating a decline of 38.3 percent from 2021’s 61,967. In the initial part of 2023, the automaker shipped 4,574 sedans – a decrease of 58 percent when compared to the preceding period.

In case you are looking for more info in regards to the current Jetta, then this video is worth taking a look at.

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