Watch AMG Cle 63 Glide on Frozen Lake

Driving Prototype on Ice: Delightful Fun
2024 Mercedes-AMG CLE 63 Coupé Prototype Spied Drifting In Cold Weather Conditions On Frozen Lake

Mercedes has revealed their intensions to streamline their selection by slimming the amount of compact vehicles, but other series are set to take impacts as well. Subsequent to the SLC, S-Class Coupe, S-Class Convertible and AMG GT Roadster’s extinction, the three-pointed star is planning to remove more two-door cars in the imminent future. It is thought that the coupe and convertible models of both the C-Class and E-Class will unmistakably become a CLE Coupe and Convertible.

Secret Agents have now noted the prototype with the immovable top being tested on an icy lake in Northern Europe. That car isn’t simply any CLE, yet the ultimate AMG 63 drifting on snow while masking its factory body with total deception. Those yellow high-voltage stickers imply that the trial automobile has a plug-in hybrid system, quite possibly acquired from the fresh C63.

The forthcoming CLE is likely to take after its predecessor, the CLK, being C-Class-based and having an expense nearer to that of the E-Class. Owing to the mechanical link to the C-Class, customers will only have the option to purchase the coupe and convertible models with four-cylinder powertrains, incorporating the more powerful C43 and C63 derivatives. If you would like more cylinders, you’ll be required to upgrade to the upcoming iteration of the E-Class vehicle; we are wishing the higher-end variation won’t suffer from the downsizing trend.

Facing strong competition from the BMW 4 Series and Audi A5, the incoming CLE looks to be larger than its predecessor the C-Class but still not as large as the E-Class 2-door models which it will be replacing. Those ‘in the know’ have spotted that the convertible features a fabric roof – no shock since hardtops are usually heavier when collapsed and consume more space. The interior styling is likely to be a combination of both the current C-Class W206 and the new E-Class W214, due for launch on 25 April.

The renowned German luxury label is believed to be exposing the CLE Coupe in the foreseeable future, while the convertible version will likely come later on around 2024. Subsequent year ought to see the emergence of the high-performance AMG models for both body styles. This becomes the fourth installment in the AMG GT line-up, underneath the imminent new AMG GT Coupe and the already existing SL.

Source: CarSpyMedia / YouTube

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