Watch The 2JZ-Swapped Toyota GR86 Roar On The Dyno

Watch This 2JZ-Swapped Toyota GR86 Drift Machine in Action on the Dyno!

There is a great appreciation for the Toyota GR86 and its agile characteristics. However, there have been grievances about the temperamental oil problem that can cause the Subaru-derived flat-four engine to malfunction. Despite everything running smoothly, many would still prefer a heightened level of horsepower. What car boasts more power? The answer is a boosted 2JZ. However, this isn’t your standard 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine. Instead, it has undergone stroking to increase its displacement to 3.4L, and the result is a magnificent sound on the dynamometer.

It is evident in this brief clip presented by 144.Printhouse & Racestudio on YouTube that significant progress has been made in the transformation of a standard GR86 Premium into a powerful 900-hp drift car over the course of a year. However, despite not yet reaching its full potential, as the team is currently fine-tuning its performance, the initial trial run already displays great potential.

Dyno Pt1 #gr86 What Are These Issues?

The dyno test commences with prompt adjustments due to a sudden leakage of coolant. Additionally, there is a problem with the water and fuel pumps shutting down when the vehicle reaches a certain temperature, causing a hindrance for a second dyno run. Despite this setback, the modified GR86 records impressive numbers of 440 horsepower and 394 pound-feet of torque during the initial pass. It should be noted that these figures represent power at the rear wheels, but at the crankshaft, the 2J engine is expected to produce around 520 horsepower, taking into account a 15 percent driveline loss.

While we understand that some readers may not find this number impressive, we urge you to consider the context before leaving a negative comment. This is the initial dyno test for this particular engine, which has yet to be fully tuned. Keep in mind that it is a high-performance, single-turbo engine running only seven pounds of boost. Timing has not been optimized and the pull concluded at around 6,500 rpm. In essence, there is still a significant amount of potential left untapped in this engine. We anticipate that a subsequent video will showcase its full capabilities.

In the interim, relax and increase the volume on your speakers. Not much compares to the satisfying acoustics of a finely-crafted 2JZ engine. This BRZ is expected to be a powerhouse on the race track.

Source: 144.Printhouse & Racestudio / YouTube

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