Why is This 1967 Porsche 910 Worth $2.5 Million?

Recorded Bids for Porsche Race Car Reach 42 on June 8

Auctions can be great places to purchase automobiles that typically sell for a hefty price. This is especially true in the case of unique cars such as the inaugural hybrid model of the Corvette E-Ray or the singular existing Bugatti Chiron Profilee which sold for an astonishing $10.76 million!

However, over and above the rarity, the historic importance plus a countless of extra specifics can also determine the worth of an explicit car at an auction.

Such was the case with this 1967 Porsche 910 that selling on Bring A Trailer recently fetched an extraordinary sum of $2.5 million. Spawned in a limited production of just 27 examples for one year, this particular race car carries an awe-inspiring rarity. No doubt, the 42 bids from bidders suggested that money was no barrier for some, as you’ll soon discover why.

Besides the limited number of models of the 910, its past is quite interesting, as it stayed within a works competition section for testing and development applications up until 1971.

This unique Porsche 910 went through restoring and received a six-cylinder motor after its life at the facility. Eventually, it was acquired by a private collector from San Jose who was involved in plenty of SCCA events happening in California and also took part in renowned races such as the Watkins Glen 6 Hours and Daytona 24 Hours in the start of the 1970s.

The vehicle is endowed with a 2.0-liter Type 901/02 flat-six motor, boasting triple-throat Weber carburetors and dual-spark ignition. Striking highlights include a five-speed manual transaxle, ventilated disk brakes with aluminum calipers, an adjustable coilover suspension, and center-lock magnesium wheels – altogether powering the ride.

This exclusive Porsche 910 additionally includes a supplementary 2.2-liter Type 771 flat-eight engine, adorned with dual overhead camshafts, Bosch fuel injection, and dual-plug ignition.

Over the years, this Porsche 910 has gone through several refurbishments and customizations to sustain its efficiency and stylishness. Its newest refitting transpired in 2022 which encompassed a full restoration, including an application of new paint, substitution of side windows, and installment of brand-new tires.

In its current manifestation, it boasts incredible, unique features. It flaunts Formula 1-inspired 13-inch rims, doors that open forwardly resulting from the removable roof segment, and a Grand Prix White gloss. The inside is equipped with red-covered racing chairs, along with six-point restraints, a fire-suppression system, and a Momo steering wheel.

In order to confirm its legitimacy, the Porsche 910 is joined by a wealth of records, comprising communications from Vasek Polak and the auto’s primary individual proprietor, FFSA endorsement papers, a FIVA recognition card, logbooks, nostalgic shots, servicing bills from when it was in Europe, and a sales invoice.

Significantly, the 910 was a progression of the 1965 Ollon-Villars Spyder hill-climb prototype and made its debut in 1966 as a replacement for the 906. It has become known as the natural predecessor to the 956, having marked a noteworthy contribution to the extensive seventy-five-year legacy of motorsport by the German company.

It is crucially essential that each acquisition of a contemporary 911 Turbo correlates strongly to the fortunate former times of the auto maker, chiefly in motor sport. Astonishingly, even the modern electric cars from Porsche demonstrate a similar genetic inheritance, manifesting particularly the epitome of historical models such as this 910.

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