Wicked Fast: 530-HP GR Yaris Hot Hatch

Turbocharged Three-Cylinder With Carbon Fiber

America may not be able to get their hands on the Toyota GR Yaris, but that doesn’t preclude us from admiring modified instances we come across online. For instance, a YouTube video features a total transformation of the model, going as far as a completely forged engine that provides an exhilarating 530 bhp.

This amount roughly doubles the horses produced from the stock 1.6-liter G16E-GTS triple. Although it may not exceed the 740 horsepower GR Yaris customized by Powertune Australia, the advertised 500 stallions should make this hatch an entertaining ride.

This Widebody *BIG TURBO* 530BHP GR Yaris is WILD! *Fully Forged*

A sizable range of modifications were undertaken to facilitate the power surge, such as the integration of a Pulsar turbocharger. While another popular option – the Garrett turbo – was considered, the owner found the Chinese-supplied forced induction unit to be suitable enough. Furthermore, SRD Tuning did the engine work with strengthened parts in congruence with Kelford camshafts and springs plus a Lamspeed exhaust manifold.

Externally, the hot hatch is fitted with a Prior Performance fiberglass widebody kit from Germany matched to a World Rally Championship-inspired carbon fiber wing and BFM Performance’s ducktail spoiler. The owner added that once they install the new KW coilover suspension system, the wheels will be pushed farther out.

On the inside, the cabin underwent some impressive changes, a starlight headliner like that found in Rolls-Royces and an entire sound system in place of the backseats being among them.

All modifications were set up when the operator presented it as a show vehicle, which is predicted to shift with its fresh orientation on power. The cabin also contains Recaro seats, a Haltech digital instrument panel, and a Coolerworx concise travel shifter. The proprietor schemes to implant following is a successive equipmentbox, which he trusts would comprehensive the development.

The proprietor proclaimed his 530-hp Toyota GR Yaris had a total expense of £130,000 (roughly $165,500) to construct, an astonishing amount that could be used to obtain four GR Corollas or a fresh Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS.

Though, unfortunately, the GR Yaris won’t be arriving stateside, the multitude of sturdy and impressive high-performance builds that we’ve witnessed gives us optimism for some major local builds based on the GR Corolla. Even though they use an alternate platform, the G16E-GTS motor and the AWD technology have a correlating component, meaning what functions for one should also work well with the other.


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