Witness A Fleet Of V12 Hypercars Take Over Mugello

V12s: An Audio Delight with Multiple Engines

The Ferrari XX initiative is beyond the reach of us usual folk; fortunately, certain persons have admission to such ultra-exclusive test drives that they frequently reveal via the web.

A person that has earned a place in the spotlight is Varryx, who is the man behind the YouTube channel of the same name. Recently released is his 16-minute footage compilation showcasing the incredible Ferrari FXX-Ks in action. Captured at Mugello Circuit during the 2023 Ferrari Finali Mondiali event, viewers are brought to the track as privateer racecars, including the 296 Challenge, make their way around it amidst a magnificent show of speed and roars of engines.

Nevertheless, this film underlines the FXX-K track variant, which we’re much more liable to witness in cyberspace than in reality.

16 Minutes of PURE V12 Eargasm - Ferrari FXX-K Shakedown

Ferrari crafted just 42 examples of the FXX-K, based on its signature LaFerrari model. Intelligent KERS tech is installed in all of those cars, which gathers kinetic energy upon braking to be utilized afterwards for enhanced performance. Hints suggest that LaFerrari may be set to receive a successors as soon as next year.

The FXX-K track cars run on a 6.3 liter, naturally aspirated V12 that belongs to the F140 series. This same engine is also found in racing vehicles such as the Daytona SP3 and 812 Competizione. In total, the powertrain produces an impressive 1,036 horsepower and more than 633 lb-ft torque. The regular combustion motor developing a formidable 860 hp while the additional electric motor generates 187 horsepower.

The FXX-K is particularly boisterous, not needing to abide by any road regulations, and since the host had cameras from both the grandstand and pitstop, there are a plethora of diverse ear-piercing screeches emitted from multiple areas which we were able to experience.

Whilst the Ferrari XX program had always been centred around super-limited track-exclusive offerings, the company revealed the first road-legal models from the SF90-lineage earlier this year. The Prancing Horse brand is set to produce 799 units of the SF90XX Stradale and 599 of the SF90XX Spider, with production anticipated for 2021. It would be great to see an extended showcase of these brand new XXs dominating the roads.

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