Witness BMW’s Neue Klasse HUD Before Launch

BMW Neue Klasse: Another Tease

The costliest venture for BMW yet, the Neue Klasse, unquestionably brings along anticipation. Hoping to excite their admirers, the Bavarian brand shared a video through their Facebook page previewing its ideas regarding the augmented reality system for their new electric platform. In the teaser, viewers are given a brief glimpse of what they can expect from this upcoming innovation.

The Panoramic Vision system with Neue Klasse iDrive technology seeks to optimise the use of the front windshield’s extensive width in order to offer driving-related data and information. The ensuing video depicts a graceful, consistent curved monitor positioned beneath the window pane, which presents distinctive data for example the chosen drive mode, velocity, preferred media, position, and time.

A traditional heads-up display (HUD) may be seen on the windshield. It is fair to assume, though, that more functions will be released when BMW markets the system in 2025.

HUDs have been prized by drivers for quite some time due to the way they show data similar to that in a military aircraft, all without requiring the operator to divert their gaze away from the highway. Nevertheless, the small dimensional constraints of head-up displays traditionally mean less information can be showcased, normally displaying few pieces of data such as velocity, guidance details, and speed-limit alerts, or simply the key elements like a map with itinerary instructions, an info bar and a rev counter.

It goes without saying that the Neue Klasse series will have access to this technology, believing it will enhance the satisfaction of prospective BMW drivers. Already, BMW has a comprehensive selection of electric vehicles, consisting of the i4, the iX, and the i7.

This year, BMW has publicly pledged to unveil the six vehicles that will be constructed on the Neue Klasse platform. The introductory piece will be a four-door sedan and it will be succeeded by an SUV. Although the process of disclosure could take two whole years, the company released a video that may keep enthusiasts entertained in between now and then.

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