Steering Lockup Risk on Ford Bronco Models

Steering Lock-up Affects Bronco Wildtrak and Raptor

Ford has initiated a recall for specific models of the Ford Bronco due to a potential problem involving locking of the steering wheel. The manufacturer has warned customers not to operate the affected vehicles until this issue is rectified. A breached ball nut retainer could be present on 343 Bronco models, which would lead to an incapability to turn the steering wheel. As such, it becomes just as risky to be unable to turn the wheel as to stop the car suddenly; hence, the imperative need by Ford to direct people to abstain from driving their cars.

Out of the 343 models stricken, 283 were Broncos Wildtracks, while the extra 60 vehicles that were hit comprise all Bronco Raptor variants. These are two of the higher-priced Bronco tiers.

“A malfunctioning steering gear ball nut retainer can cause the balls in the ball nut assembly to move and become stuck,” according to the NHTSA’s recall report. “If this happens and the steering wheel continues to be operated, the balls could be further wedged and the retainer could be displaced, leading to greater steering effort. If the balls remain in this state and do not return to their guides, the ball nut may be unable to rotate.”

For those in charge of navigating affected Broncos, an audible grinding sound or amplified steering needs are two signs of alert. Ford is currently mindful of one warrantee claim linked to this issue, however there have been zero reports of any connected mishaps or traumas.

Owners of the Bronco will be required to take their vehicle to either a Ford or Lincoln dealership for complimentary replacement of the steering gear box.

Since its inception, the Bronco has not had a strong stigma of dependability. Besides the fault in the steering wheel lock discussed previously, the 2023 Bronco was also called back due to a lax transmission bolt triggering the possibility of uncontrolled rolling. Moreover, the 2022 Bronco already accounts for six documented recalls.

The dependability and deficiences in quality of the Bronco carry across other Ford models, with the Blue Oval having issued an alarming 65 recalls during 2022 solely – more than any other automobile manufacturer. These calls to action altered over 8.6 million versions of the car, 3 million above the amount from 2021.

Late last year, Ford CEO Jim Farley acknowledged the brand’s quality issues and declared that they would not be easily resolved. “Until we fix quality, nothing else matters,” Farley stated. He recognized that this was a problem that would take time and effort to resolve. The company has since taken steps to improve its quality, such as investing in new technologies and expanding its team of engineers. Ford is confident that these measures will help them address their quality issues and move forward.

Consumer Reports rescinded its endorsement of renowned models such as the Bronco Sport and Mustang Mach-E last year, leaving some uneasy. As Ford advances in the EV sector, we trust that they have not overlooked the basics important to having a satisfactory driving experience.

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