$1 Million in 2021 Koenigsegg Regera Options

Hybrid Hypercar: $2.6M Starting Bid

Undeniably, the Koenigsegg Regera never fails to excite considerable interest. Its 2021 Candy Liquid Blue finish with gold accents definitely left an impression when it recently surfaced up for sale in Texas.

It is exceptionally infrequent to happen upon this machine in public, let alone at an auction; only 80 of these have been created and there is no awareness if any match the visual styling of this one. The advertisement states that this Regera consists of $1 million worth of optional add-ons – to lucidify that ludicrous amount, it is nearly equal to the original cost of a McLaren P1 … for the entire automobile.

The provided window sticker highlights some of the possibilities available, several of which add up to a total of more than two-hundred thousand dollars. Among these costlier alternatives are Gold Leaf striping in simply the winglets for twelve thousand two hundred dollars, clear carbon for side intakes costing around twenty three thousand four hundred and fifty dollars, and aluminum trim for fourteen thousand five hundred. Wheels can be purchased for fifty seven thousand but those made of carbon plus gold will set you back a further thirty thousand. The most expensive option detailed is the Ghost Package, priced at an eye-watering two-hundred eighty five thousand. Additionally, the Environmental Power Upgrade enables the use of E85 fuel and isn’t focused on preserving the environment as the name implies.

This model presents a total output of 1,757 horsepower, made possible by its combination of a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 and three electric motors all running off the company’s single-gear direct-drive transmission to power just the rear wheels. Furthermore, the setup includes the specialized Triplex rear suspension with the additional damper, along with customary double wishbones and state-of-the-art Ohlins coilovers. As for gold trim – Koenigsegg is known to use it as an embellishment on even the most mundane parts, such as the fuel cap.

The identity of the vehicle’s possessor is not present, yet according to its odometer, it has traveled 615 miles. This automobile is presently up for sale via dealership on a consignment basis. The pane sticker reveals an original retail price of $3.2 million; however, even with eight days remaining in the listing, the asking amount has already descended to $2.6 million. Consequently, there is still much time for the cost to ascend exponentially as we release this post.

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