1,001-HP BMW M3 Purchased with Fake Check Gets Surprising Twist in Story

Bank Withdraws Funds After 4 Days, Seller Retrieves Car in the End

Kies Motorsports, a renowned aftermarket shop, dedicated a significant amount of time and resources, specifically five years and a staggering $175,000, to create a remarkable BMW M3 (F80) project car. However, when the time arrived to bid farewell to this extraordinary super sedan, the New Jersey-based company listed it for a mere $75,000, less than half of what was invested. It may seem like an unbeatable offer, doesn’t it? And the individual who “acquired” this vehicle must have also believed so.

Unfortunately, circumstances took a turn for the worse just four days after the deal was made. Despite the bank’s confirmation of the check prior to the car being transferred to its new owner, the funds were ultimately deducted from the seller’s account. The truth was revealed: the supposed cashier’s check was actually counterfeit. As a result, Bryan Kiefer, the CEO of Kies Motorsports, found himself in a troublesome situation where he had neither the money nor the vehicle.

**Update: the car has been retrieved** My 1000 HP BMW M3 has been STOLEN. We need your help!

Bryan followed protocol and contacted the buyer, requesting the return of the car. However, the buyer failed to appear at the designated meeting as expected. As a result, the situation escalated into a potential scam and theft, prompting Bryan to involve the police. The officer then reached out to the individual who identified himself as John Clay on Facebook, instructing him to leave the car with the keys inside at an exit on the New Jersey Turnpike. The supposed “buyer” was required to send Bryan a text message containing the car’s location and then leave without facing any legal consequences. Despite this arrangement, the buyer once again failed to show up.

The highly-modified M3 with a horsepower in the thousands was reportedly located on Long Island at the time, but that’s when the tale takes an intriguing turn. A supposed partner in crime messaged Ryan, informing him that he was currently behind the wheel of the vehicle and heading back to New Jersey to return it. As expected, this plan did not come to fruition. This is when Kies Motorsports took matters into their own hands and produced the aforementioned video, pleading for the public’s assistance in tracking down the missing car.

Fortunately, there is a positive outcome to this situation. As seen in the follow-up video shared on Instagram, the M3 has been returned to Kies Motorsports. Due to privacy concerns, the individuals responsible for recovering the car have not been revealed. According to Ryan, the car was located at a “shady location, parked next to a building.”

In terms of the vehicle itself, the F80 boasts a striking Individual Rosso Corsa paint job reminiscent of Ferrari and features a sturdy carbon fiber roof. Its engine has been meticulously constructed, producing an impressive 1,001 horsepower at the wheels and a whopping 809 pound-feet (1,097 Newton-meters) of torque. This particular model is a 2016 edition with approximately 65,000 miles (104,607 kilometers) logged on the odometer. However, the engine has only been driven for around 2,000 miles (3,219 kilometers) following a new block installation, as well as upgraded forged pistons and rods.

Source: Kies Motorsports

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