Transform A BMW M3 Into A Drift Machine

Drift Mods for F80 M3 for Better Control

With its M-badge, the BMW F80 M3 can put itself forward in a variety of motorsports, primarily drift racing. To help you gain greater mastery over your ride, Drift HQ might be the answer–capable of providing the necessary alterations for you to begin enjoying the art of oversteering with your M3.

The roster for producing a full-blown BMW M3 drift car concentrates on the suspension set up. Technically, all that is required for effective drifting isn’t as much a powerful engine like when partaking in different motor races such as drag racing. To have an enjoyable time pulling off sideways stunts, the first-time 3.0 liters S55 twin-turbo inline-six having 425 hp normal output delivered to its rear-wheel-drive (RWD) structure appears to be quite suitable.

How to Build The Ultimate BMW F80 Drift Car | From Start to Finish

Prior to commencing tinkering with drift-specific modifications, the constructor declared that the existing crank hub was to be replaced with a pinned alternative. Subsequently, a dual caliper bracket kit, acquired from SLG for the build, was then fitted to the rear suspension, in order to optimize braking performance. A combination of BC Racing coilovers and SPL adjustable arms were simultaneously utilized.

Within, the braking system has been partnered with a hydraulic handbrake from Drift HQ, although it is believed that other companies should work too. It requires only a small amount of cutting on the center console. In the meantime, the shorter shifter is supplied by NP Parts and Engineering.

Regarding the superior suspension, the constructer chose to incorporate a Wisefab adjusting assembly. The skid car can be adjusted to suit the individual’s preferences with respect to the steering angle; a large angle increases the ability to effect counter-steering. Longer brake hoses were installed to complement the swapable kit.

The BMW F82 received multiple updates, including a Clutch Masters single mass flywheel, an oil cooler thermostat, and a Mishimoto all-aluminum heat exchanger for warding off the ordinarily high temperatures produced by full throttle operation during drifting. Additionally, the auto was outfitted with carbon fiber body kits attached to its lower half.

The costs of the F80 BMW M3 being lower than ever, this power-driven saloon car may be your opportunity to join in with the drift community without going over budget.

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