$100K Conversion for Honda Civic Type R: AWD Now Included!

Refurbished CR-V: Blazing Hot Results!
Building a $100,000 Honda Civic in 25 Minutes!

There is considerable affection for the Honda Civic Type R amongst automobile enthusiasts worldwide. Yet, unlike its hot hatch counterparts such as Volkswagen’s Golf R which have all-wheel drive, the spunky Civic exclusively transfers its force to the front tires. Those working on Honda are truly remarkable when it comes to the car’s performance in spite of being aided by only two wheels. Having said that, many are desiring an all-wheel drive Civic to really put through its paces on a racetrack.

Devin Niemela’s impatience was palpable. After all the waiting, he eventually put together a whopping 25-minute compilation video of his humongous 2021 Honda Civic Type R build, that ultimately converted it to All Wheel Drive. It is an understatement if we say that this undertaking was immense. Taking a dip into his YouTube channel, it shows no fewer than 65 videos were solely dedicated to constructing this motor. Not to mention additional clips featuring the car operating; and also its owned issues, engine construction, transmission fabrication and other appreciable integrated details orchestrated to form this noteworthy project.

In terms of assemblages of engines, there’s no topping this all-wheeled Honda Type R. This unbelievable machine was cranked up to a staggering 800 horsepower by way of swapping in a K24 and subsequently remodeling the top end after a troublesome timing chain wheel caused issues. Happily, it was not hard to sort out thanks to the extensive custom craft needed for the conversion from a CR-V to AWD Civic. Printing off a lot of cutting and welding along the way, this beast was realized in all its capacity.

Yet, there’s still more. It may not be apparent at first glance, yet upon further examination, the situation becomes significantly clearer. An astute observer can glimpse far beyond the obvious; seeming to uncover endless possibilities and potential outcomes. Careful inspection grants a much broader outlook on things, giving those willing to put in the hard work a wealth of paths to explore.

This is actually the third life for the black Civic. Its first life ended in an unknown collision that left it “well and truly thrashed”. Devin acquired the car and reconstructed it as a “normal” Type R, implying it was just tuned to extremes while still spinning the front tires. Before that could be accomplished, mangled metal and bent frame rails had to be repaired and that’s never a simple job.

We hold nothing but esteem for this edifice. The single thing left at this juncture is an LS interchange. Does the prospect of the planet’s pioneering V8-fueled 4-wheel-drive Civic Type R appear to be appealing? Most certainly!

Source: Devin Niemela / YouTube via The Drive

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