1020-HP Tesla Model S Plaid Hides Under Junky Honda Odyssey

Surprising Success of Combination
Building The ULTIMATE SLEEPER - A Tesla Swapped Minivan!

Fame isn’t always associated with the Honda Odyssey, yet it has enough strength to be a legitimate surprise. The most recent creation from BoostedBoiz’s YouTube channel takes the standard powertrain modifications several steps further by grafting the body of a 2001 Odyssey onto an already formidable Tesla Model S to produce one unbelievable build.

Two vehicles, which initially appeared to be an incongruous match-up, actually boasted equal wheelbase measurements and a comparable width. One of the initial problems they encountered was in regards to the Honda’s front fender that was not as long as the one found on the van. This created a few issues when attempting to pair them together, most noticeably resulting in the van’s door and B-pillar being placed in a spot that obstructed the sedan’s doorway.

The footage encapsulates a great deal of the strategizing and construction process. Embedding the ethos of “measure twice, cut once”, the organisers start off by attaching the Honda car shell upon a ruined Tesla Model S gift-giver to guarantee that everything fits accurately. The video’s hosts then purchase an additional 2001 Honda Odyssey to test prior to combining the amalgamated minivan and modified Tesla.

The dedication to the task pays its dividends, and the final product is quite impressive from a surface level. The shell of the two-decade-old Honda meshes incredibly with the electric car, coming as a surprise to many – a perfect example of a sleeping giant.

A substantial amount of work still has to be accomplished so that the van is entirely ready. Inserted between the dashboard and the bottom of the windshield is an immense gap requiring more than a simple sheet of metal be wrapped over it. During hard acceleration, this empty space comes up, as well as the fact that the interior of the minivan is lacking most of what the Model S offers; however, that task can wait until afterwards. The back doors of the car no longer open in the sliding motion, and in an effort to keep the hood shut, a bungee cord needs to be used.

The “Plaidessy” may look a bit questionable, but it sure looks impressive when driving down the road. We can only wish that the mismatched body panels and peeling paint will stay, as the only hint that this isn’t your average grocery-getter is the fancy wheels. Truly a sign of a hidden gem.

Source: Boostedboiz

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