1,025-HP Dodge Demon V8 Crate Engine Now Available

Stick Hellephant C170 in Pacifica – ASAP!

Dodge has made an exciting revelation in the Direct Connection catalogue–a monstrous 1,025 horsepower Hellephant C170 V8 from the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is available as a crate engine! Arguably the greatest crate motor ever, this ground-breaking unit has the potential to be some serious hot rod firepower.

Dodge is quickly bidding farewell to its famed Hemi V8 in roadgoing muscle cars, with the Demon 170 being the final edition to commemorate this era. Previously, the only way to get hold of the distinctive V8 was if you were one of the 3,300 who purchased a Demon 170. However, come the start of Q1 2024, it will be available for purchase and placed into whatever vehicle desired. This 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that runs on E85 hits its maximum force, allowing the Demon 170 to reach an 8.91-second quarter mile at 151.17 mph.

There is, however, a considerable snag related to this immense may of horsepower – its cost. Dodge Direct Connection is expecting close to $27,695 for such privilege, slightly less than the expenditure of a 2023 Mazda Miata.

The benefit of this crate engine is the inclusion of a C170 Long Block plus extra features like an upgraded 3.0-liter IHI supercharger along with a better intercooler, a larger 3.02-inch pulley for heightened boost, and a latest 105mm throttle body equipped with a new housing, blade, shaft, and geartrain.

If the full motor package is out of your price range, consider a more cost-effective option; Dodge’s economical long-block Hellephant C170 will run you just $18,995 with the supplied revised innards, including heads, connecting rods, and pistons.

It is not the sole powerplant to be included in the Direct Connection primer, either; long-block versions of some well-loved choices are at present accessible.

A 6.2 Hellcrate V8 long-block boasting 807hp and 717lb-ft of brute force can be had for $12,995; meanwhile, a non-Redeye variant with 717hp and 656lb-ft comes at a milder cost of $9,495.

The costlier version, the 392 Crate Hemi (boasting a massive 485 hp/475 lb-ft of torque), is available for $6,995, while a more economical alternative, the smaller 345 Crate Hemi from the 2015 and later Challenger, offers 383 hp and 417 lb-ft at just $4,495.

Dodge is giving you the chance to buy versions of the HurriCrate Cat 1 and Cat 3 Twin-Turbo inline-sixes in long-block form, for prices of $6,495 and $8,995 respectively. The first one clocks in with an impressive 420 hp/468 lb-ft capability, while the latter garners up to 550 hp/531 lb-ft – records which were not previously declared. Even though a six-cylinder engine cannot ever match the prestige of a Hemi V8, it is still fascinating how Dodge has tested a Challenger Drag Pak’s capabilities by equipping it with the HurriCrate motor.

Come Q1 2024, the new Direct Connection products will become obtainable. This will be in the same year that the car maker likely takes a major leap forward to electrification with the unveiling of the Challenger Daytona EV, maybe matched up with a six-cylinder counterpart.

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