1,150-HP Iron Man Jeep Unleashed

Alex Verdugo Donates Signing Bonus To Charity

West Coast Customs, hailing from Burbank, took to its social media to showcase a modified Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with an absurd 1,150 horsepower! This is mighty poweful when compared to the 707hp engine that comes stock in the Hellcat-powered variation of this vehicle. Undoubtedly, this level of oomph will be more than enough for even the most experienced car enthusiast.

No specifics were given to explain how the firm accomplished this accomplishment, but it is assumed that its Hellcat V8 obtained augmentations to both its supercharger and internal machinery, in addition to a suitable ECU alteration. It should be taken into account that an unmodified Trackhawk already has the capability to go from 0-60 mph within 3.4 seconds, although we’d bet it would be even quicker now.

In addition to its abundance of power, this performance SUV also flaunts a captivating color combination that seems to be a tribute to Marvel’s Iron Man. Moreover, it features gleaming gold alloy rims along with a hood scoop and a carbon fiber hood, in addition to a tailgate spoiler, a large wing, a carbon fiber front lip, and an aftermarket diffuser, making the garnet paint stand out even more.

It is clear to see that the suspension has been changed through addition of aftermarket components, resulting in a relatively low profile. Regrettably, pictures of the inside have not been released yet, so we can only suppose that the stock cabin configuration and parts remain.

The attention-grabbing, powerful SUV will be sure to snag attention when among others, though it’s very apparent who the owner is. As per the post on West Coast Customs’ Instagram page, it is none other than recently recruited Yankees ball player, Alex Verdugo.

The Trackhawk may have been retired in 2021, yet the attention from WCC has kept it revitalized; additionally, the operative upgrades ensure that it can compete with all super-SUVs which have been declared since its passing.

The Lamborghini Urus Performante produces a good, yet rather modest 666 horses – much less than this Trackhawk conversion. Verdugo’s ride has even greater power than the 1,005-hp Cadillac Escalade-V produced by Hennessey Performance. It is to be hoped that the Major League ballplayer will give more insights into his ride in the coming weeks.

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