1400 HP Ford SuperVan Charges Pikes Peak

Revised SuperVan: Bigger Splitter and Wing for More Downforce

The Ford SuperVan is a line of strong vehicles which blends impressive motors and corporate vans, ranging back to the start of the 1970s. The totally electric Supervan 4.2 is about to join the 101st Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, driven by renowned Romain Dumas.

This 4.2 iteration of the Supervan, first seen at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed, sees modifications to the aerodynamics helping the vehicle with improved grip around Pikes Peak’s 156-corner course. Ford included a carbon-fiber spoiler and splitter in order to obtain greater downforce. Despite these additions, the automobile still weighs in at approximately 4400 lbs.

The SuperVan 4.2 has less muscle than its predecessor, the SuperVan 4.0, as Ford has stripped off a single electric motor, leaving three total instead of four. The result is a lower output of roughly 1,400 horsepower compared to the earlier model’s strenuous 1,972 hp.

The 4.0 was able to accelerate up to 62 miles per hour in a time frame of less than two seconds. Ford hasn’t stated the exact acceleration figures for the 4.2, however it is likely that due to the diminished power output, its pace may be slightly inferior.

The up-to-date powertrain configures an engine in the forward and two at the back to preserve four-wheel-drive capacity. Plus, modified driveshafts are now on offer. The business STARD is providing the Li-polymer NMC packet cells for the cell, with a potential of 600-kilowatt recharging.

The SuperVan 4.2 is outfitted with an advanced regenerative braking setup utilizing carbon-ceramic brake discs. Plus, it flaunts lightweight forged magnesium rims paired with Pirelli’s P Zero rubber.

The all-new SuperVan 4.2 borrows merely a small amount from its Ford e-Transit Custom precursor. Artfully shaped with generous naked spaces to increase the aerodynamism, the design in no way resembles a utility vehicle.

The delivery van is now adorned with Ford Performance’s impressive new paint design, consisting of a spellbinding blend of blue, orange, and purple. This same colorful combination made its debut on the Ford Mustang GT3.

It’s going to be exciting this year at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with some amazing cars competing. Acura will be making an appearance with their wild NSX loaded up with impressive aero parts. Radford have also supplied an interestingly outlandish vehicle for the race. And lastly, Alpine has arranged a specific A110 interpretation for spectators to enjoy.

The latest reinvented design of the classic van is how you’ll want to get around town. Behold the Supervan 4.0: The most recent redesign of the iconic van is exactly what you need for traveling ’round town.

Source: Ford


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