Race-Winning Car From Pikes Peak: $1M at Radford Motors

A 2.2s 0-60, 710-hp Track Car Under 1,898lbs

You absolutely will not forget the wild interpretation of the Radford Motors Type 62-2; it was outfitted with a mammoth guarded front splitter and an equivalently enormous rear wing at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Considering that you can now possess one of these beauties, assuming you have a spare $1 million and don’t mind patiently waiting in line for one of the twelve editions released.

Radford dubs this the Type 62-2 Track Car Edition, and true to its name it is not roadworthy. In comparison to its street edition, the body measures nine inches wider, encasing a lightweight full carbon-composite monocoque frame with modified subframes, an improved aerodynamic underbody and adjusted suspension geometry. Altogether, the machine clocks in at 1,898 pounds, and with its immense wind inducing elements should guarantee intense grip on the race course.

Similar to the Pikes Peak racer, there is the Type 62-2 Track automobile, that has a central situated 3.5-liter turbocharging V6 engine producing 710 horsepower. The strength is directed towards the rear wheels by means of a paddle-shift consecutive gearbox. There is also an advanced cooling system available. Radford anticipates it will be able to accelerate up to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds and achieve a top velocity of 160 mph – utter thrills for someone attending a track day.

“Our Pikes Peak-winning car this year was the first instance of our new Type 62-2 Track Edition car,” declared former Formula One driver and Radford cofounder Jensen Button. “This is a single-seat vehicle crafted to conquer the mountain.”

Radford is dealing with every single Track Car Edition like a unique order. Clients can select from alternatives such as one or two seating arrangements and a left- or right-hand drive structure. The company is even eager to aid patrons in taking part with their cars at special competitions like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb or the Goodwood Hill Climb.

In 2021, Radford unveiled the street-legal Type 62-2 (seen above), completing pre-production testing shortly after. Drawing influence from the Lotus Type 62 race car of the late 1960s, it adopts certain components of the modern Evora. It features a supercharged 3.5L V6 that is obtainable in 430-, 500-, or 600-hp power outputs that vary by trim level. Equipped with either a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch transmission option, its peculiarity lies in the cameras on fender-mounted stalks which substitute side mirrors, providing the driver a view outside the cab. Limited to merely 62 units, the vehicle makes for an exclusive collector’s item.

Source: Radford Motors

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