16-Cylinder BMW i8: 880 HP, 14,800 RPM

Most Inventive Hill Climb Racer Ever?

The BMW i8 has long been criticized for its lacklustre powertrain features, however Austrian motorsport crew Team Edlinger are amping up the i8’s commitment to eco-friendliness and auditory enjoyment by creating a hill climb racecar with four nonpartisan motors, all of which will be powered by artificially produced fuel.

The four BMW HP4 1.0-liter four-cylinder engines featured in this motorcycle possess an impressive rev limit of 14,800 and conjointly generate a massive 880 horsepower, granting jaw-dropping performance due to the relatively slight mass of 2,200 lbs. With all 16 cylinders vented into one titanium exhaust, the roaring noise produced will be nothing short of breathtaking.

One may ponder why this racing team has chosen to use four distinct engines when one V8 could likely do the job in a more straightforward way. The answer lies in the fact that the car is designed for hill climb courses, where the traction levels are always changing. A representative who spoke to TopGear Netherlands about the project stated that “the most critical factor of the entire concept is the selectivity per wheel, which allows the greatest degree of flexibility with regards to torque vectoring.”

Furthermore, its design has been altered to optimize aerodynamics, the interior replicates the look of an LMP1 vehicle and features honeycomb style collapse zones while the Sachs pushrod suspension brings to mind Koenigsegg Jesko and its impressive Triplex system.

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The power necessary for operating each of the four engines independently necessitates a great deal of processing, which is why 12 computers are being used to coordinate everything in perfect unison. There is no currently available information as to when the ultimate vehicle will be ready for competition, but we’re still optimistic it will be showcased at Goodwood and the World Time Attack Challenge sometime soon.

Meanwhile, there is a twisted yet awe-inspiring creation that will catch one’s eye; a winged Fiat 600 with a dizzying 14,000rpm. This piece of art weighs in at half the mass of BMW’s i8.

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