1965 Lincoln Continental: Old & New In Harmony

Lincoln in the ’60s: Modern Features Plus a Classic Design.

The distinctive, square form of the 1965 Continental is just the thing for resto-modding, or boosting and revamping vintage cars. Lower it, put some big rims on, and you are good to go. However, this rendition is not a restomod. It takes an entirely new approach, neither following in the footsteps of the previous edition nor sticking with the prior generation’s curvy profile. Its low-profile, boxy build is as spectacular as ever, while the traditional wheels and structure still look recognizable. Viewing from the backside, we observe that the vertical lights of ’65 have been transmuted into an LED light bar, and its flush door handles are certainly up to date. The most remarkable changes, nevertheless, appear at the front. Compact, embedded grille accompanied by LED headlamps present a powerful statement. And yes, there is a power bulge on the hood, implying something hugely strong is locked up within.

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