1994 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon: A Sleeper Build Dream

An Affordable Canvas for an Unexpected Racer

At one point, the Honda Civic offered numerous types of builds, such as an estate/wagon configuration from the late 1980s to early 1990s in both Japan and North America. An extensive selection is currently accessible through Cars & Bids, including a long-roofed model ideal for constructing a sleeper car.

Finished in the appropriate hue of Tahitian Green Pearl with a grey inside, this RHD (right-hand drive) Japanese Civic Shuttle called the Beagle 4WD flaunts a 6-speed manual gearbox, an incredibly low crawling ratio, and a full-time All Wheel Drive layout.

Additional characteristics of the factory are roof rails, washers for the headlamps, an adjustable direction steering column, fabric furnishing, and air conditioning automatically set. Furthermore, the locks, rearview mirrors, and windows are all presented with electric capabilities.

1994 Honda Civic Shuttle Beagle 4wd (EF5) - Walkaround + Driving Video

The car has undergone some conservative alterations, featuring 16″ Mini Cooper wheels, adjustable coilovers equipped with Ohlins jolts, a back strut tower bar, and a contemporary Pioneer Carrozzeria AM/FM/MiniDisc head unit. On the outside, these changes comprise black-hued bumpers, body-tinted lower doors and wheel arch extensions, together with the removal of any factory images and fittings.

Hidden beneath the sheet metal of the Civic Shuttle Beagle 4WD lies a 1.6-liter ZC four-cylinder engine, which churns out 118 horsepower and 105 lb-ft of torque from the factory. Nevertheless, such power figures are relatively meagre therefore it warrants an upgrade in the form of a Honda K24 swap to maximize performance. Indeed, these practical style wagons often become potent sleepers – outperforming competing rivals in drag races without them being aware.

An examination of the records indicates that this Civic Shuttle Beagle 4WD was imported from Japan in August of 2023. Originally receiving its new paint job in Japan as well, the vehicle currently has an odometer reading of approximately 72,600 kilometers (45,112 miles).

The vendor has recognized flaws, including a weathered external trim, a distorted rear bumper, and marks on some internal contact points. A record of recent servicing in the US incorporates four-wheel alignment, thermostat replacement, engine oil filter transformation, coolant substitution, and cam casing gasket exchange among others.

Whether you opt to purchase this 4WD wagon and preserve its current condition, or choose to tweak it to outpace all sports cars in drag races, it won’t require a huge expenditure. As of the moment, the offer is at $3,500 without a set lowest price.

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