2009 Honda Civic Revived with Thorough Cleaning

Dead Owner Reportedly Died in Vehicle
I’ve Never Seen ANYTHING Like This Before…

The storied Honda Civic is an esteemed automotive emblem for just reason. This 2009 edition had experienced a burdensome past, yet at the end was eventually bestowed with the necessary detailing. It may not be opulent or especially spacious, though it can capably serve to satisfy family transportation needs during many years.

This Civic harbours a heart-wrenching history. The elderly woman who owned the car previously had to part with it due to her husband’s untimely death from a cardiac arrest within its confines. Understandably, upon coping with such a tragedy she desired to unload the vehicle.

From the outside, you can’t gauge how bad this Civic really is. The car may look a bit grubby but not outrageously filthy. A quick pressure wash of its exterior would drastically enhance its overall look.

Beginning with the trunk, the inside of a car should be given a thorough cleaning. Peeling away the liner uncovers a wealth of sunflower seed shells and rat droppings. All of the car seats must then be taken out of the compartment. This will then expose a concealed mouse nest. In order to cleanse the flooring, a substantial amount of vacuuming is required.

The seats require rejuvenation with a cleaning mixture, and a power operated brush used to activate the material’s fibers. An assessment of the liquid that is extracted by the vacuum reveals the rear bench is even more filthy than the front chairs.

Steam-cleaning can accomplish amazing feats of filth removal; think of the grimy, grubby door panels! The gearshift is so dirty that its black pigmentation has been replaced by a muddy-looking brown hue – and let’s not even begin to mention the condition of the steering wheel. Even seatbelts aren’t an afterthought – they need cleaning too!

This Civic is restored to its former glory upon receiving an intensive clean. Its steel-made wheels might not be too attractive, although a prospective owner may choose to substitute them with something else.

The Civic still stands as an essential component of Honda’s portfolio in the US. The newly-updated 2024 model expands its options with a hybrid model that features a 2.0L four-cylinder running on the Atkinson cycle, matched to two electric motors which give an impressive power result of 181HP and 232lb-ft torque.

Source: The Detail Geek via YouTube

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