200MPH Mullen Five RS: Almost Here

Insanely Quick Electric Crossover

Mullen Automotive has declared the display of the Five RS electric crossover’s creation design at the up and coming CES 2024. The Five EV illustrated in 2019 is believed to be elevated into a higher performance RS model, anticipated to give out more than 1,000 horsepower, a peak velocity over 200 mph, and 0-60 mph time frame beneath two seconds.

“An 800-volt architecture is the foundation of the Five RS, and a two-speed gearbox will be featured, similar to that of the Porsche Taycan. According to Calin Popa, President of the company, this electric vehicle is designed with the enthusiast driver in mind: ‘It’s an extremely high-performance EV and geared towards those who particularly enjoy track/high-performance driving.'”

21″ wheels, improved braking capability, and suspension fine-tuning tailored to performance are included in the RS to differentiate it from other vehicles. Inside the car, contrast stitching may be added to give it a sporty feel and an aerodynamic spoiler or wing might be seen outside.

No further info has been given, though Mullen had mentioned previously that the base Five would cost $55,000. as of yet, we’ve not seen a price tag for the performance-orientated RS version. On January 9th, we can look forward to discovering the itemized features, pricing specifics, as well as reveal of production and launch plans as part of the official introduction of the production model held at the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall starting at 11am PST.

Apart from this brisk incarnation of the Five, Mullen is also formulating a low-profile coupe dubbed the GT meant to match the Tesla Roadster, presuming it ever makes it to manufacturing. In addition, both the GT sports car and the Five crossover are planned for assembly in the US. Beyond coupes and crossovers, Mullen has taken over the work for the boxy B1 and B2 after rescuing beleaguered startup Bollinger along with producing their own commercial units, such as an electrically powered delivery van and a commercial truck.

Mullen is paying attention to any and all paths towards electromobility. As one of the youngest entrepreneurs in electric vehicles, it seems to be top-notch. Over the next seven days, we shall see more regarding this brand and its products.

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