Mullen GT Roadster: After a Long Wait, It’s Here!

Qiantu K50 Coming to U.S.?

It appears that the rejuvenated electric sports car Mullen Automotive committed to bringing us years ago is currently underway. Recently, it was granted a patent for IP and exclusive distribution rights in North and South America. The Qiantu K50/DragonFLY, now changed to the GT and GTRS, will come in shipments to Mishawaka, Indiana, the company’s main facility. In this location, the team of engineers will alter the car to American standards while simultaneously providing it with a fresh new style.

We initially encountered the car all the way back in 2017 when it was presented in Shanghai. A pair of years later, the vehicle made an appearance at the 2019 New York Auto show showcased under the Qiantu/Mullen title, providing us with a chance to converse with Mullen’s leading engineer about this motorcar’s outrageous performance prospects.

Originally planned for a 2020 release, the vehicle quickly became nothing more than a distant dream amid the pandemic. But today, it appears intent on resurrecting itself from a deadlock.

It appears that Mullen has recently redirected their attention to new projects, such as their FIVE SUV. This automobile boasts a combination of elements from both an Aston Martin DBX and a Buick Wildcat Concept, creating an eye-catching vehicle. On top of this, it will feature an extreme RS variant, producing over a thousand horsepower, which is far too intimidating for a test drive. With production slated for Tunica, Mississippi in 2024, the GT model is poised to rapidly follow in its footsteps.

As a new electric car label, expectations are intensely elevated towards the model. Its acceleration rate reaches 0-60 mph in only 1.95 seconds boasting a maximum speed of more than 200 mph. However, their battery size and various motors statistics, as well as its reach, still haven’t been disclosed.

When we set our eyes upon the Qiantu K50, it had a doubly reinforced engine which generated 402 horsepower but could be turbocharged to 429 horsepower. It was fitted with a 78-kWh battery reserve that, according to Chinese NEDC standards, yielded the car a scope of 230 miles – yet not precisely the statistics Mullen is targeting.

Mullen is in the process of revamping the automobile. The magnitude of alteration remains to be seen, but one can assume that a substantial overhaul has taken place since it has been some time since its inception and the impending arrival of numerous rival cars. It is crucial for Mullen to ensure that the Tesla Roadster makes a good impression if they do not want to be left behind.

We speculate they will give regard to the FIVE, accumulating its 95-kilowatt-hour battery array and eAWD setup for support. The FIVE has an advertised 325 miles of range, together with a 1.9 second 0-60 mph dash, something that the organization apparently desires; all that is left is to determine the most suitable way to put all of it into the convertible.

We won’t take anything for granted regarding this new electric start-up. Even though the organisation has showcased a simulated picture of their GTRS, it appears extremely good. If it can achieve for an affordable cost having figures similar to what is implied, Mullen may turn out triumphant.

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