2020 VW ID: Ready to Roll Under $20,500

No International Release for Little Model

Volkswagen has purely declared that their latest ID. 1 supermini city car shall certainly fit in below the sum of £17,000 (which is around $20,500). Autocar acquired this report after having a conversation with COO Thomas Schafer concerning the automobile.

Skoda is leading the charge for what will be the debut of their diminutive electric vehicle, rumoured to be called the Polo. Not long ago, the company unveiled the ID. 2all Concept, which provides a look at the upcoming all-electric Golf (pictured below). Featuring an eye-catching design and an attractive size, the model is expected to cost below $26,000, serving as a likely foretaste of the arrival of the ID.1.

As we’ve discussed before, creating a vehicle that is so cost-efficient is a major challenge that has had its share of difficulties. Schaffer backed up this statement, noting that “it’s not an easy game at all” to manufacture such a vehicle. He then went on to point out that the one advantage Volkswagen has is its economies of scale. “Within our volume brand group, we’re producing four vehicles plus Cupra and Skoda. This volume will help us to reduce prices to be competitive while still making a profit.”

Schaffer emphasizes that constructing the car will be a trial, but the label has resolutely decided to undertake it, so they are now thrusting ahead full speed until it is achieved. Soon, within the upcoming few months, we will acquire further intelligence from the corporation about the car.

The all-new ID.2 was officially unveiled with a front motor boasting 223 horsepower. It’s accessible in two different battery options; 38 and 56 kWh that promises to offer a maximum range of 240 miles with the larger cell. Volkswagen is potentially reusing this power setup on the ID.1 in order to ensure affordability, although it’s most likely that the lithium-iron-phosphate battery with 38kWh will be the only option available.

“The Polo has been an incredibly successful model for us and one of our most recognizable icons,” Schaffer stated. “We want to take that vehicle concept and apply it to our future models, though we are still working on what specific names will make the most sense for our product lineup.”

He declared that the organisation is researching hybrid brandings as well. This may indicate that following an electric Polo or Golf, we could bear viewing the ID. Polo and ID. Golf. It isn’t a terrible option but it is our impression that the label can do more to preserve the nameplates active.

The ID. 1 will not be assembled in Spain alongside cars with MEB platform construction and no specific existing production plant for it has been confirmed as of yet. Certain references have been made to India, likely due to Skoda’s presence there, which we’ll need to continue to monitor before making a concrete decision. Grammatically correct.

Ultimately, the potential of the Polo ID. 1 coming to the U.S. is fading fast. Cars of its size have diminished in popularity in this nation, and the fact that this model has never been sold here doesn’t posit well for its arrival. However, desperate times still call for inventive solutions: keeping a lookout for the updated Fiat 500e might be the answer–it proffers a diminutive, alluring look paired with up to 160 miles on a single charge.

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