25-Year-Old Ugly Car Gets 6×6 Revival

Six Wheels? No Way!

No one can forget the Fiat Multipla; regarded as one of the least appealing cars ever, Stellantis has revived public interest in the automobile with a limited edition model commemorating 25 years since the modern edition of the six-passenger car. The upcoming 6×6 version, however, does not actually have six wheels – its name is present to remind us that the Multipla was manufactured with the purpose of accommodating up to 6 people comfortably, with a design encouraging interaction between all riders.

Essentially, the Multipla 6×6 will be a customary model of the Multipla with peculiar design properties which evoke how it initially came into existence.

6 posti x 6 personaggi: Heritage presenta la FIAT Multipla 6x6

Head of Stellantis Heritage Roberto Giolito had the esteemed privilege of penning a special edition due to his involvement with drawing up the 1998 vehicle. As he was coming up with the plan, he identified six distinct personalities that would influence building an incredibly versatile people mover; which were those of an executive, explorer, priest, free-spirited renegade, female dressing for an evening rendezvous, and a youngster dreaming of operating this car as it reaches a more mature age.

Fiat strived to meet the individual needs of its characters through furnishing a pliable automobile that offered coziness, oodles of availability, and practicality.

The Multipla achieved its objective; thus, it is garnering so much acknowledgment. Admirers of the car would not be captivated by its exterior design but would recognize and value the Innovation displayed in its production. Although unique in its appearance, the ingenuity behind it is undeniable, and this is why it should be praised.

Loads of room, maximum visibility, and smart storage solutions make the Multipla worth praising. It was a car intentionally crafted for individuals and their everyday necessities, rather than for the impression of a social media star on what will get the most likes. That’s a troublesome deficiency in today’s motor industry.

Elements of the special one-off may be altered as its production draws closer, but FCA Heritage has asserted that Turchese Bio (blue) paintwork will be featured, which “evokes open spaces and the sea, as well as the strong eco-friendly credentials of the model.” The exterior will be complemented with moldings, wheels, and bumpers finished in Grey White, a color which will also be found inside the vehicle. Despite this, it appears that Fiat has kept its promise to never paint another car in grey again.

It’s guessed that a European will be the eventual purchaser. In America, we are awaiting anxiously for the Fiat 500e to come over, which is more attractive than any kind of Multipla – exclusive model or otherwise.

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