Making $2M with Bentley Baturs: A Guide

3 Examples That Wow!

It is predicted that solely eighteen of the exquisite Bentley Batur Grand Tourers, worth a whopping two million dollars apiece, will come to be. At present, sixteen of those automobiles are being spruced up to customers’ custom desires. In order to give fans an exclusive preview of three unique versions of their luxe car, the company chose to allude them with an array of eye-catching hues, identical to the inimitable violet version that was presented last year; leaving no one with a plain final product.

The eye-catching Nebula Batur flaunts a vibrant coat of Wasabi green. Featuring a Gloss Black Crystal body kit, the dramatic colors make for an impressive contrast. Inside the cabin, Wasabi and Gloss Black complement one another and are highlighted by a unique guitar fade laser-engraving on the dashboard, transitioning from glossy black to carbon fibre.

The Batur Supernova configuration exudes the vitality of a star on the brink of extinction. It is adorned with vivid orange Sunbeam paint accompanied by an Atlantic Pearl Crystal finish on the bodywork. This flashy design is concluded with a combination of four hues inside: Beluga, Ceramic Glaze, Hyperactive, and Indigo Night. Mimicking the Nebula theme, the Supernova integrates a piano-black-to-carbon-fiber transition across the dashboard as well as a full titanium package.

The Batur Hyperspace may possess a tranquil shade, but it is nothing short of remarkable. The Daybright Blue hue brings out its character with the St James Red accents around the grille, brakes, and body kit. Bentley declares that the red features allude to the immense force bubbling within the hood; this engine outputs 740 horsepower, marking the conclusion of the Bentley W12 run. Inside, richly colored dark blue upholstery complements vivid Pillar Box Red highlights, blended with controls wrappeth in genuine gold.

Omitting the image of its fourth model, the Dark Matter Special Edition has a two-tone Fine Brodgar and Black Crystal paint job with Cyber Yellow accents in the front grille and back spoiler. On the inside, this special edition maintains its eponym’s subtlety – with Burnt Oak hide, anodized black aluminum accents, and glossy Beluga Black highlight – fittingly crafted after the unrevealed substance. Look for this graceful edition featured on Bentley’s social media soon!

The Batur gives a glimpse of Bentley’s forthcoming styling language, featuring more responsible materials, powertrains, and more. In 2026, Bentley is set to deliver its first all-electric automobile; purchasers will most likely want to personalize it to the same degree as they currently do.


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