$3.8M Lamborghini Countach For Sale

Buying Cars Worth Millions on Craigslist?

An Angeleno with a ravishing yellow Lamborghini Countach LPI-800 has posted an advertisement on Craigslist offering to sell the automobile. It is tinted Giallo Countach on top of a white interior- remains in its premier condition, including the faring on the steering wheel, pedals, chairs and sill. Very few kilometers (around 59) are apparent on the odometer; thus, it looks practically untouched.

It has been said that the original suggested amount for the old-fashioned Countach at its unveiling was $2.64 million; however, this case is presently priced at $3.8 million. As one of only 112 manufactured models, it is anticipated that a purchaser will be located soon.

At a cost of $3.8 million, it appears to be quite the bargain for such a one-of-a-kind special model. Most notably, another instance was offered at an incredible $7 million. Whether or not it’s worth so much is certainly up for debate, yet what seems less likely is that this vehicle would be placed on sale through a site with a dubious reputation.

Certainly, exceptional automobiles like this one tend to be sold to high-end dealerships or auction houses, where the right people lay eyes upon the offering. We speculate that there is not a vast number of collectors with a sizable amount of money blazing in their pockets who browse Craigslist; though, our feature and that of other editors will most certainly assist any potential buyer in locating it.

Given Lamborghini’s well-renowned lengthy waiting list for its products, particularly the newly released Revuelto being completely sold out for the ensuing two years, this could be a great option for those sensation restressed. On the contrary, the same expenditure could net you two of the original versions in addition to one pre-owned Aventador, leaving you with a few extra bucks!

If you don’t care about having the most up to date model and are willing to accept a few extra miles, then the Koenigsegg Regera – with 969 km – could be yours if your bid is successful. The highest bid so far is an astounding $2.6 million. This car is even more of a rarity since only 80 of them were made. Plus, its raw power is significantly greater than the Countach’s meager 802 hp; the Regera can generate up to 1757 hp.

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