Extravagant 1:8 Scale Lamborghini Countach Surpasses Real Nissan Versa in Price

Authentic 4.0-liter V12 Die-Cast Replica from Amalgam: A Perfect Resemblance

Imagine if you had the ability to reduce yourself to just 1/8 of your current size. According to our calculations, this would make you perfectly capable of operating this impressively intricate replica of a Lamborghini Countach. The skilled team at Amalgam have outdone themselves with their latest creation, which is a flawless representation of the 1974 LP400 model. However, it comes with a hefty price tag if you wish to showcase it in your home. With prices beginning at $19,995, it costs just over $2,500 more than an actual 2024 Nissan Versa.

Do the doors of the Versa feature scissor mechanism? Yes, this modest LP400 does indeed have them, allowing for a vertical opening that perfectly showcases miniature versions of details such as window controls and door pouches at a 1:8 scale. Upon closer examination of the interior, one can observe a precise replication of a steering wheel, instrument panel, gated manual gearshift, sound system, speaker grooves, and even an ashtray within the central console. Everything is accurately represented and it is truly magnificent.

Further exploration of the front trunk will reveal additional components such as brakes and a spare tire. While in the front, you have the option to raise or lower the headlights. Once finished tinkering with this impressive feature, proceed to the back and lift the engine cover of the LP400.

Beneath, you will discover a meticulously reconstructed 4.0-liter V12 engine, positioned lengthwise between the wheel arches and appearing sensational. Amidst the crimson spark wires and accelerator connections for the carburetors, one can almost imagine it purring to life.

Amalgam has announced the production of 199 replicas in 1:8 scale, which can be purchased in either Giallo Fly (yellow) or Rosso (red). The development process alone took a staggering 4,000 hours for this Countach project, and a dedicated team of experts spends approximately 400 hours to meticulously put together each replica. As these are exclusive models created upon request, buyers have the option to choose custom builds with different colors and details. However, Amalgam has not disclosed the extra cost that is involved in such personalized orders.

For those not drawn to vintage Lamborghinis, Amalgam has revealed plans for a 1/8 scale Revuelto model, set to be released in the near future. At this time, only concept drawings are available, but the initial version is expected to have a starting price of approximately $16,450.

Source: Amalgam

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