Lamborghini Countach – Liberty Walk’s Revamp Infuriates Purists

Tokyo Auto Salon: Lamborghini Countach Gets Widebody Kit

Last year, Japanese tuner Liberty Walk sparked debate among automotive enthusiasts when they crafted an elaborately customized widebody Ferrari F40. Despite differing views on the wisdom of restructuring such a desirable machine, news of the alteration spread quickly over the internet. Fast forward to the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, and Liberty Walk is up to their old tricks again – this time taking an ’80s icon, the Lamborghini Countach, and transforming it into an eye-catching spectacle.

A mere teaser video is currently accessible, though it displays the external appearance of the widebody Countach one part after another. Comparable to the F40 last year, Liberty Walk has provided the car an audacious white exterior, exposing how the modern pieces change the Lamborghini’s look profoundly.

The fresh front incorporates a dominant front splitter and an underside fascia with a cuboid mesh across three apertures, granting the snout a cuboidal shape. Canards on either corner are connected into the broadened fender flare. Ultimately, there’s a monotonous line from the nose to the tire arch, forming a curvy facet down this region.

The sides of the vehicle are equipped with broader lower chassis along its extended wheel arches. Courtesy of Liberty Walk, there is now an opening in top of the rear tires. In continuation, some parts of the rear end have been coloured to resemble the 25th Anniversary Countach, including the vertical trims on the vents. Offsetting the gorgeous body is a set of balled-shaped Rohana Forged wheels with Y-formulated spokes encircled by captivating Toyo tires.

The Countach’s standard wing wasn’t sufficient for Liberty Walk’s vision, so they have swapped it out for an even bigger one affixed beneath the back bumper. On top of that, the taillights have been integrated into the body for more of a sleek look compared to the inset lamps on the production model. The large diffuser situated underneath the four tailpipes adds a touch of motor sport-inspired aesthetics to the rear end.

The Liberty Walk’s F40 has been a source of considerable discussion between those who frequent Motor1. This latest teaser causes us to anticipate the very same degree of divisive opinion in respect to their reinterpretation of the Countach.

LB WORKS Countach just launched with xix3d

Source: Liberty Walk via YouTube


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