560 HP Chinese Plug-In MPV: Air Suspension, 3 Screens

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Voyah Dream: Luxury Electric MPVs Don't Have To Be Hideous

In recent years, China’s marketplace for luxury multi-passenger vehicles has experienced a significant growth, encompassing the nation’s successful economy and burgeoning spending capability of wealthy citizens. To some extent, minivans have been more than merely transporters, instead turning into emblems of status for affluent customers in the People’s Republic. That development commenced with the Toyota Alphard, and now several car makers offer their own exclusive MPVs. Of notable appeal is the one provided by Voyah, which is Dongfeng’s high-end division.

The Dreamer is a massive minivan featuring 2+2+3 seating reservations. Recently, our friends at Wheelsboy had the chance to try out one of its top-end variants and they were suitably impressed with it. Its front face distinctively stands out from the likes of the Denza D9 and the Trumpchi M8 – two of China’s latest MPVs. It rides on 20-inch wheels and what comes along as a plus is an electric-powered tailgate that lowers the rear axle when opened.

Enter the cabin and you will discover a giant, three-screen digitalized control panel. This consists of three distinct displays–the instrument cluster, the infotainment screen, and the entertainment part for the passenger. In comparison to the competition, the total style of the interior is simplified and equipped with only a handful of capacitive touch switches on the medallion. Lots of soft-touch materials have been used in the panels of the doors and dashboard, making driving the auto feel quite lush, according to Wheelsboy.

Undoubtedly, the most significant seats inside a minivan are the second and third row. Those between them make for quite the adjustable situation, with heating, cooling, and even massage functions. The Dreamer’s third seat is exceptionally remarkable as it possesses substantial head clearance and an abundance of legroom. On top of that, every occupant obtains a personal USB charging port.

Performance may not be the leading factor in the MPV market, but the Voyah Dreamer still exceeds expectations. Having a peak capacity of 560hsp and 621 lb.-ft. of torque, this plug-in hybrid boasts a remarkably swift 0 to 62 mph rate in only 5.9 seconds – as per the maker’s claims. Power is furnished by a turbocharged 1.5 L motor, along with a pair of electric motors driving each axle.

Finally, it should be noted that Voyah plans to offer the Dreamer for sale in select European countries before year’s end. Prices will start at roughly CNY 365,000 (approx. $46,500) in China, with the priciest editions coming in at CNY 441,400 ($64,300). Unfortunately, there has been no comment on a possible US debut as yet.

Source: Wheelsboy on YouTube

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