Affordable Tesla Model S Needs Repairs

Searching for Used Model S: Great Price

The Tesla Model S is known as the company’s leading model, and it comes with an accompanying price tag. Last April, Tesla added yet another $2,500 on top of that, meaning no federal tax credit may be claimed – something which both the Model 3 and Y qualify for up to $7,500..

But if you’re in Australia and you’re searching for a more achievable Model S, then Pickle Auctions could be the answer to your prayers. You can easily find the most cost-effective Model S on their catalogue, though there can be some curious facets that may make you hesitate.

The official exterior hue is a scorched hue, not featuring a matte finish but because the car is totally ruined. The advertisement failed to specify what led to the Model S’s total combustion, however the pics reveal no evidence of either the battery or powertrain being salvageable.

Electric vehicle fires may not be as widespread as those produced from Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs), yet firefighters need to take extra steps when attempting to extinguish burning electric cars due to problems of thermal runaway. As an example, back in June 2022, the Metro Fire Department in Sacramento found themselves having to erect a pool and submerge the EV to fully deal with the situation.

It comes as no shock that this Model S is being auctioned in such a condition. Reports say the damaged Electric Vehicle lies in Australia, so if you are keen on getting the most affordable Model S out there, participation in the live bidding will start on June 29th, 2023. It is noteworthy to mention that the approximate cost is uncertain at present.

For a fresh Tesla Model S boasting a functioning electric powertrain and sumptuous seating, be prepared to pay beginning from approximately $90,000. Moreover, Tesla has the Model S Plaid along with the Track Package valued at $20,000, a performance setup that advanced the EV to clinch the fastest electric vehicle accolade at Nurburgring – in spite of some conflicting reports.

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