American Tourist Fined: Drives Ferrari In Italy Plaza

Explore Historic Florence: The Piazza

Driving a Ferrari in Italy should certainly be on any bucket list, and an American tourist recently made an attempt to fulfill that aspiration. Unfortunately, the excursion proved to be more expensive than predicted.

The episode that took place in one of Italy’s iconic piazzas spotlighted the significance of adhering to traffic conventions when touring foreign nations. An aged 43-year-old holidaymaker was operating a Swiss-registered Ferrari 488 Spider, when it inexplicably ended up inside Piazza della Signoria, an illustrious car-free plaza in Florence’s elegant core.

According to reports, the driver caught the attention of the authorities for driving in a “nonsensical” manner along Via dei Gondi street. He then pulled up in the crowded square near Uffizi Gallery, where some of Italy’s most renowned artworks are housed.

The police issued a monetary penalty of approximately 470 euros, amounting to about $506 in current exchange rates, to the vacationer for parking unlawfully in a pedestrian zone, navigating against the flow of traffic, and possessing an overseas driver’s license that fails to meet necessary specifications.

The Municipality of Florence declared that the visiting tourist had an American driver’s license that did not abide by international regulations and lacked a global driving authorization or a certified translation.

This isn’t the initial instance of vacationers encountering a dilemma while navigating Italy’s celebrated vacation spots. Back in January, a sightseer from California accumulated a 500 euro ($540) fine for driving his rental Fiat Panda through the crowded Ponte Vecchio overpass in Florence. Also, in May 2019, an individual from Saudi Arabia was apprehended for doing harm to a cultural significancy after taking a hired Maserati down Rome’s Spanish Steps and quickly running away when stuck midway.

The significance of appreciating regional customs and conventions, especially in renowned and pedestrianized spots, is highlighted through these occurrences. Before they start driving a car or come upon an unfamiliar region, tourists ought to be cognizant of local dictums and decrees. It is also prudent to find advice from local tourism administrators and observe their guidelines to ensure a pleasant and delightful getaway without any unforeseen incidents.

Source: CNN

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