Bad News: BMW Center-Lock Wheels Issued

Are Wheels Worth $13,000 With All Necessary Parts?

The BMW M Performance product-line has seen an expansion with the inclusion of fresh center-lock rims, however it appears that these race-inspired wheels will not be arriving in America.

A BMW USA representative informed The Drive that the performance wheels won’t be available in America at this point. There is a chance of them being implemented at a later date, however, currently M2, M3 and M4 proprietors will have to be happy with the essential wheel selections.

While North American purchasers aren’t able to acquire these attractive wheels, people who own BMW M cars in Europe will be able to purchase them. Unfortunately, aside from the extremely expensive €12,000 (approximately $13,000) cost, BMW will not provide the instruments necessary to take off the rims.

As opposed to common wheels, which employ from four to five lug nuts, center-locking varieties have a single bulky lug that fastens the car securely to the hub.

Given the popularity of center-locking wheels, one would believe that BMW would include a tool to remove them at no additional cost. Regrettably, they charge their customers extra in order to access this essential item. Despite its shortcomings, center-locking designs remain a favorite amongst performance drivers who frequent race-tracks and need to consistently switch tires. This design is ideal for motorsport, providing speedy removal and thereby cutting down pit lane time.

No indication has been given as to the price of the lug wrench, however, it would be offensive if we’d have to pay extra for a tool after spending $13,000 on freshly purchased wheels. If customers choose not to purchase the lug wrench, they must go to an expert tire store or BMW dealership any time they wish to switch out their wheels/tires. This requires a strong tool, needing 685 lb-ft of torque to fasten the solitary lug nut.

And the costs won’t be finishing up there, either. Aside from the tool, a breaker bar will need to be purchased in order to shift the socket. To be equitable, the identical equipment is required for Porsche’s center-locking wheels too. Nonetheless, with models such as the Turbo S and GT3 RS, Porsche is considerate enough to include the socket for free.

If and when these M Performance locking wheels arrive in the United States, it is possible that BMW will consider including the required hardware as part of the set. In Europe (and other parts of the world), the German manufacturer has long been recognized for their discreetness with regards to admissible default qualities; thus, this would not be an unexpected outcome.

Close in tandem with the fresh rims, BMW presented M Performance suspension held up by adjustable springs, embellishments for the exterior design, as well as interior coating with Alcantara.

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