BMW M2 CS Yells Goodbye with 650-HP Boost

M2 to Get Same Treatment in Coming Weeks

Despite the brand new BMW M2 Coupe launching to much fanfare, G-Power has just rolled out a modification package that takes their outgoing M2 CS to a whole new level of performance. Featuring 650 horses under its hood, an impressive increase in torque, and an aggressive wing, this update is almost equivalent to what would have been offered by the highly-sought-after M2 CSL, if it ever made it out of the German auto maker’s concept phase.

Rebuilt and revised, it is now called the G-Power G2M CS Bi-Turbo. It gives the factory M2 CS an astounding near 50% increase in power and torque with a whopping 650 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, compared to its original specs of 444 hp and 406 lb-ft. This was made possible through the addition of a GP-660 injector, a crankshaft central screw lock, a GP-700 turbo upgrade, a new downpipe, and their famous GP Deeptone exhaust system – all topped off by their highly acclaimed in-house GP-660 performance software.

In case you think the supreme power output of the M2 Competition is too much, G-Power offers three other options for you to select from. Each of them come equipped with a lesser energy equivalence of 562 hp/531 lb-ft, 533 hp/501 lb-ft, or 493 hp/479 lb-ft – all available on the typical M2 Competition model. Nevertheless, why settle for something less? You have the autonomy to personalize this ride according to your tastes, like increasing the speed limit, setting fuel cut-off and equipping CNC-milled charge-air coolers and custom filters on boost pipes.

It’s conceivable that you may appreciate this most (as indicated by your preferences), G-Power offers the performance increase as an independent package so you can keep your vehicle unobtrusive. Be that as it may, in the event that you incline toward a portion of the charming visual upgrades, this organization will satisfy your wants too.

Options comprise of 20-inch Hurrican RR craftily produced wheels (accompanied by nine and 10.5 inches across the front and rear), as well as the GP-Dynamic Wing RR highlighted here. Composed of carbon fiber, this wing is said to provide greater steadiness during high speeds. If desired, more carbon fiber flourishes can be added to the modifiable exhaust system, including woven carbon fiber tips which come as standard, or four shaped carbon tips with golden G-Power marks.

The improvements are a suitable farewell to what many feel will be the highest-quality of both generations equipped with combustion engines for the M2.

The new BMW M2 (G87) has certainly raised diverse thoughts in the CarBuzz office, and not necessarily along pleasant lines. Although our test drive found it impressive enough, it is a relief that one can still buy their hands on a stick-shift, straight-six cylinder, rear-wheel drive vehicle. Heading over to the CLAR platform –essentially, the same underpinning as the M3 and M4’s– it has became rather bulky, destroying much of the uncommon characteristics what made it a direct progeny of the E46 M3. With increased power-weight ratio when compared with its antecedent (only applying to the base trim, however, not to the CS), it still cuts an attractive figure while driving.

The BMW M2 is a great car for those who want a performance-oriented ride. But what makes it even better is its immense tuning potential, as the M3 and M4 have already proven with their various upgrades from a wide range of tuners. Unfortunately, BMW has yet to announce any plans for an M2 Competition or CS model. That said, G-Power has already announced that its development team is hard at work on hardware and software upgrades for the M2. As they said, “It will be very interesting to see what will be unveiled here in the coming weeks…”

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