Chevrolet Unveils Blazer EV Power and Price

2LT FWD Pricing Not Yet Available

Chevrolet has devastatingly unveiled up-to-date knowledge of the Blazer EV line, comprising cost and prowess elements being publicized recently.

To commence, the entry-level 1LT grade – which was to be priced at $44,995 – has been deleted, causing the front-wheel drive 2LT to become the brand new base model. However, while Chevrolet has yet to make known the cost of this configuration, they declared to Car and Driver that the 2LT with all-wheel drive has a MSRP of $56,715.

An RS variant, seated atop the 2LT, will emerge at dealers with a sticker price of $60,215. This iteration brings more extravagance, such as an exclusive grille design and vented front chairs. As per the auto maker, the AWD 2LT and RS have 288hp and 333 lb-ft of torque; however, the force numbers for the front-wheel drive 2LT and RS arriving in rear-wheel drive still remain undisclosed by the brand.

Bizarrely, the rear-wheel drive Blazer RS, which costs $61,790, is more costly than its all-wheel drive counterpart. While this appears to be an illogical decision on the part of the manufacturer, it might be that the RWD edition of the RS model comes with desirable features like a Bose sound system which could explain the price gap.

Chevrolet has made public the figures of the elevated-performance SS design, presenting a dual-motor electrical set-up that delivers power to each of the four wheels and creating 557 horsepower and 648 pound-feet. Regrettably, this wished-for form won’t be rolling out in factories until 2024’s spring period. GM hasn’t suggested any anticipated mark-ups for this product, but we’d be taken aback if it was to remain at the usual $65,995 MSRP.

If you’re impatient for the SS version, both the RS Rear Wheel Drive and 2LT All-Wheel Drive should start manufacture in the imminent future. We can anticipate further details on the RS and LT Front-Wheel Drive models to appear in the year 2024.

It’s a regretful decision that Chevrolet has taken to discontinue the least expensive 1LT model, especially in a time when the market is in need of more budget-friendly electric vehicles. The company is justified in its choice, however, as they explained to Automotive News that the Equinox EV, specifically the more expensive trims, will meet the requirements of those who planned to buy the Blazer EV 1LT. “This move gives us the opportunity to position and advertise the vehicles without them competing with each other,” Chevrolet stated.

The Equinox EV will boast a starting cost of approximately $30,000, rendering it one of the most-economic electric vehicle choices in America. It is important to remember that GM plans to introduce a completely new Bolt EV after ending production on the current model by end of 2020.

Customers of the Blazer EV can be delighted to understand that the electric crossover relevant for the full $7,500 tax rebate, which removes a sizeable sum from the cost.

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