Chevrolet Unveils Electric Blazer EV.

EV Sale Date Announced for 2021

General Motors has come out with an interesting announcement; the first model of the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV made its way off the GM Ramos Arizpe Production Facility located in Saltillo, Mexico. Factory staff shared images of the initial unit (which is a splendid pigment of blue) on their unofficial Facebook page. Apart from the featured vehicle, the production plant has crafted some other Blazers as well, this was shown by the posts on the same page.

At least three examples of the Blazer EV have been constructed, the white and silver ones being included. Each one is the RS type; ranked second best only behind the powerful SS possessing an amazing 557 horsepower. In all actuality, the RS trim may be the most fascinating of all, it providing the possibility of going with either front-wheel-, rear-wheel-, or even all-wheel-drive.

The basis Blazer EV 1LT will cruise 247 miles on one charge, while the beefed-up RS gives you the biggest range of the whole lineup: 320 miles! Even though no battery sizes have been declared yet, Chevy has suggested that this model can maximize up to 190 kW while charging. The 2LT and RS will kick off sales in summer 2023 with initial prices begin at $47,595 and $51,995 respectively. Lastly, Chevy will launch the SS further into the year which comes with a starting price tag of $65,995.

The monumental release of the Blazer EV is a huge victory for GM. The giant American manufacturer has had difficulty developing electric cars lately, only delivering two Hummers during the foremost trimester of 2023. Unfortunately, GM’s sole EV with broad consumer appeal is coming to an end.

Crucially, GM will depend on the Blazer EV to fill the void left by the retiring Chevrolet Bolt and Bolt EUV once they discontinue at the end of this year. As GM’s most economical electric car until the Equinox is available in 2024, the Blazer EV is invaluable.

Last year, merely 854 units of the U.S.A.-crafted Hummer EV Pickup and 122 examples of the Cadillac Lyriq were put together by General Motors. GM desires that its Mexican plant will achieve significantly greater EV production figures for this more popular vehicle.

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