Citroen Unveils Two-Headed Van with Practical Benefits

The Citroen Relay Back to Back: Redefining Utility Beyond Tug of War

Commercial trucks may not grab your attention, but this particular one is far from ordinary. The Citroen Relay is essentially a rebranded Fiat Ducato, but it comes in a unique setup known as the Back to Back. At first glance, it may seem like a quirky design created hastily on Photoshop for fun, but rest assured, it’s a legitimate configuration that actually serves a purpose. Accountants especially appreciate its practicality.

A Reddit user came across the device on Citroën’s UK website dedicated to business vehicles. The concept of the Relay Back to Back is aimed at reducing manufacturing and transportation expenses. The vans are connected together on a temporary framework and are customized for external companies that manufacture motorhomes, campers, or other specialized vehicles like those used for rescue or emergency purposes.

Costs of production are minimized by Citroen through the construction of vans without the need to include the typical chassis cab rear end. Additionally, shipping costs are decreased as the Relay Back to Back model occupies less space compared to two individual Relay Chassis Cab commercial vehicles. Moreover, with the vans being front-wheel drive, there is no requirement to dispose of any driveshafts post delivery.

Companies now have more flexibility to design their own rear ends without being restricted by the chassis cab rear provided by the car manufacturer. Streamlining operations not only cuts expenses but also minimizes excess. Manufacturers of vehicles based on cab-chassis are no longer obligated to use the pre-installed cab chassis and can instead proceed directly to installing their unique rear additions.

As strange as it may seem, this situation is advantageous for both parties. After some investigation, we found out that Peugeot, another brand under Stellantis, follows a similar practice with the related Boxer Back to Back model. Naturally, these vehicles have their own engines, transmissions, VINs, and so on. Essentially, these are two vans connected at the figurative hip solely for transportation purposes.

The starting price for both Back to Back models is £36,018, equivalent to approximately $45,000 based on current exchange rates. We have contacted Citroen and Peugeot to clarify if this price is for a single model or for both. Our assumption is that the price is for one model, but we are awaiting confirmation from either company.

Sources: Citroën UK, Peugeot UK

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